Great Ideas for Renovating a Small Bathroom

December 7, 2017

Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or just your bathroom, it may be difficult for you to know where to start. There’s so much to think about – from mirrors, to tiles, to details like shelves. Renovating your bathroom can be overwhelming, but I want to share these tips below which you can use for a perfect bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Renovation

Small bathrooms especially benefit from renovation, since you’re able to add minor details that can make your bathroom feel bigger. Regardless of the size of your bathroom though, a few ideas can go a long way.

Keep It Small

You don’t need to break the bank to fix up your bathroom. Instead of tearing out every fixture in your bathroom, start small with paint, faucets and colors. Try a partial remodel to change to the décor you’ve had your eyes on. As respected structural engineers will know exactly how to it.

Lights and Mirrors

In order to expand your bathroom, try to alter your lights and mirrors for the illusion of spaciousness. Place your mirror on a long wall, or place two mirrors on opposite walls. You may even want to have a mirrored medicine cabinet that stretches to the length of the vanity.

No matter where you place the mirror, add some lighting that’s bright, uniform and doesn’t cause a glare. You might also want some additional lighting to expand the bathroom further.

Shelving Space

You need at least a few shelves in your bathroom to hold toiletries and other items. Luckily, shelves can go almost anywhere, so position them wherever you’ve got the space. For example, fit them in a small corner for an unobtrusive look. Shelving is also one of the easiest parts of your bathroom to change, making it a perfect place to start on small renovations.


If you’re looking for a quick solution to change up the bathroom you’ve been looking at for the past few years, wall and floor tiling is a simple fix. Choose out a type that will add character and color to your bathroom. Even if your budget is small, you don’t need to tile everywhere to have a huge effect. Instead of tiling around your sink, try tiling your shower or tub.

When you pick your tile, try large tiles in light colors for both the walls and the floors. Light colors add more light to the room and won’t make it feel quite so small.

Fresh Paint

This is perhaps the easiest bathroom fix and can be done on its own to change your style, or in conjunction with new lights, tiles and mirrors. Use it to switch up the colors in your bathroom without spending a lot and without too much effort.

We recommend that you choose lighter colors to expand your space, with soothing colors that are perfect for relaxing when you’re getting ready in the morning. After you’ve painted, match up the rest of the colors in the room.

Improving the Shower

To save space while giving your bathroom an elegant look, you may want to try a walk-in shower rather than a traditional tub. These showers not only look great, but save space and provide your bathroom with a sleeker, more modern look.

Of course, you are certainly able to install a bathtub that still looks wonderful, modern and doesn’t take up an incredible amount of space if you prefer. Many manufacturers make models in sizes smaller than 60 inches and with a glass panel, you don’t even need a shower curtain and rod.

A New Vanity

You need a vanity to place things that help you get ready in the morning, but you don’t need to have one that takes up an extraordinary amount of space. Try a slim sink set and a shallower counter to reduce the space of a large vanity. This will allow you to install other features with the extra room.

Remodeling Styles

You now have the basics to remodeling your bathroom, but you may still need some inspiration to help you get started. If you don’t know precisely what you want your bathroom to look like yet, consider a few of these inspired designs to help you along.

Traditional Asian Style

For a traditional feel in your home, try an Asian-styled look, with deep browns and sleek lines. You are able to use something as simple as a chest for storage, which will add some fluidity to even a small room. With the rich colors of this style, your bathroom won’t feel nearly as cramped.

small bathroom

Beach Inspired

Open up your space by getting rid of closets you don’t use, or adding ambient lighting. Add only a small cabinet for storage, or try out simple shelving. None of this has to cost a lot, so you may be able to spend more on tiles, for instance, for the perfect look.

His and Her

If you’re married or living together with your partner, you might want to renovate so the two of you stop bumping into one another so often in the morning. Try horizontal lines to increase the space, along with a frameless mirror and well-placed lighting. A simple wall between the toilet and sink adds a little privacy, while making your space look more modern.

Small and Simple

There’s no need to spend too much time or money on your renovation. It’s completely possible to keep it small and simple with the easy installation of a vanity that won’t take up too much space. Add drawers into your vanity, as well, in order to increase your storage.

Spa Style

Bathrooms with a spa aesthetic excel in adding space without knocking down walls. White tile works great with mirrored surfaces to increase space, while floor-to-ceiling cabinets add height. Use rich tones to give you or any guests warmth whenever they enter.


You may feel overwhelmed with the possible options for bathroom renovations, but with some respected structural engineers on your side, the whole process can be a lot easier. Look here for some great ideas on bathroom renovation to get started. Even if you can’t change much, the smallest details can still have a huge impact.



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