7 Tips for Decorating Condos

December 6, 2017

You’ve probably heard that good things come in small packages. If you’re searching for  condos for sale, you will find that the same can be said for them too. We’d all love to live in homes that have acres of space but budgetary constraints mean many of us will have to settle for much less. Fortunately, small spaces do not have to be stifling or boring. There are a number of ways you can realize your dreams of style and elegance.

Here’s how.

Multipurpose Furniture
Look for furniture that can fulfill more than one purpose if you want to avoid crowding your condo. Think of a sleeper sofa or a seat that has a storage unit. Armoires can be particularly versatile since nearly every inch of the piece can be used. The drawers are great for crafts or garments, the bars for hanging clothes, the centre space for a TV stand, and the top a great location for placing picture frames, floral arrangements or stylish pieces of art.
Rugs and More Rugs
You cannot go wrong with rugs. Place a rug in every room starting with the front door. Just because it’ll be used to wipe off dirty shoes doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Have fun with multiple designs and colors that blend well with your overall design and color theme.

Rugs can help redirect focus from old outdated surfaces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bold pattern or white faux fur rug. The good thing about rugs is that they’re fairly inexpensive and easy to replace in case you find that a particular design doesn’t fit in.

Mirrors have long been used for creating the illusion of space in gyms and offices but aren’t viewed in a similar context at home. Place the mirrors at strategic locations in the condo where they’ll best deliver the desired effect.

It’s not always easy to tell which position will be perfect. Consider first leaning a large mirror against one of the walls. Over several weeks, move the mirror to different positions and walls until you have a firm idea of where you should permanently fix it.

Lighting has a powerful effect on mood and ambience. Change your existing lighting to an Edison bulb. It will have a profound and instantaneous impact. The best thing about it is it doesn’t cost much. If you want to be bolder, use floor lamps to add style. The lamps that work best in creating an illusion of space are those that fan out at the top and have narrow bases.

Embrace Dark Colors
Many people prefer to paint their walls in brighter colors. Yet brighter hues have a way of shrinking spaces. Dark colors on the other hand make rooms seem larger than they actually are. They are recessive and due to their complex shadows and depth, blur the edges and boundaries of enclosed spaces. Don’t paint all the walls in dark color though. Pick one you’ll use to accentuate the room.

You do not have to go for a deep black. Warmer tones such as charcoal black, rich red, petrol blue or ocher gray are less dramatic but will work just as well.      
Shelves and Hooks
Book shelves aren’t just for placing books. If you are running out of storage, position decorative baskets or boxes on the shelves. Make sure the boxes have nice patterns and colors for that exquisite touch.

Leaning ladder shelves are growing in popularity due to their multiple functions. You can use the space from the ground up. Hooks near your front door can hold jackets and coats. The actual hooks don’t have to be traditional ones; old dresser or kitchen knobs are a fun choice and they won’t cost you a thing.

Creative Headboards
Headboards don’t have to be conventional. Whereas they can be used to showcase your style, they can also ruin a room when they’re too predictable. Consider hanging a great piece of art above your bed and making it the center of attention. This can be a wall collage, sculpture or picture.

As newly-built condos become more compact, homeowners have to embrace ideas that emphasize multifunctional and efficient use of the limited space. By being design-savvy you’ll create a spacious interior.


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