How to Make Your Home More Bespoke

December 3, 2017

When you look back at old interior design and architecture magazines and see the outrageous fashion that people inflicted upon their homes, it’s easy to worry that one day all your hard work and style choices will be similarly cringe-worthy. It’s not pleasant to imagine being laughed at by a generation so removed from yours that somehow sleek surfaces and natural materials will be hilariously old-fashioned. To not only future-proof your home but also make it so intrinsically yours that it defies trends and the fleeting whims of time, you would be wise to consider taking the bespoke approach.

bespoke home

What is Bespoke?

Bespoke, to put it simply, is something that is made especially and is utterly purpose-built. Bespoke furniture, for example, is made with specific layouts and surroundings in mind and maintaining the buyer’s criteria. Often this means it is one of a kind and therefore inherently special, regardless of passing trends. This doesn’t mean bespoke has to be a feature or a statement that stands out. Nor does it have to be expensive. All you have to do to achieve a bespoke feel is to understand your own preferences and to be discerning with what you choose.

Why is Bespoke Important?

Unlike filling your home with expensive, luxurious items to impress other people, bespoke design focuses on you. Your needs and preferences are paramount. When your home reflects your personality and lifestyle, it becomes a boost to your energy because living there will be effortless. You will feel at ease and comfortable, which is exactly what a home is for. Similarly, if you have taken the time and patience to think out your home’s layout and décor carefully, then you will feel that level of care every time you notice your surroundings. It all helps to build a secure environment that can provide solace from the trials of a hard day.

Here are some creative ways you can enhance the bespoke feel of your home.

One: Find Your Style

Style and fashion are very different. To avoid condemning your home to the fate of the avocado bathroom suite, it is important to know the distinctions. Fashion has its uses. Understanding the aesthetic zeitgeist will help guide your eye towards time periods and artistic movements that will impact your own personal style. It is great to incorporate fashionable items into your collection, however, relying on these is precarious. It might take some time to identify your personal style and taste.

Keep an eye out everywhere you go for pieces of furniture or shades of wallpaper that catch your attention. Take a mental note, or even compile your findings by scrapbooking them into one place. Sites like Pinterest are excellent for putting all your ideas in one place for you to look at later. By doing this, you can get a great overview of your style and can start to pick out consistencies to focus on. For example, if you notice that a lot of your favorite furniture uses irregular shapes and bold colors, the chances are that’s a big part of your personal style.

Two: Examine Your Favorites

There’s a reason you’ve been drawn to particular kinds of armchairs or ceiling beams. Let your preferences guide you, and you’ll start to notice them everywhere. Maybe there’s a café you love for its atmosphere. Take a closer look, and perhaps you’ll find that the main reason you’re so obsessed with it isn’t because the coffee is great – maybe the brickwork and flooring makes you feel at home. Maybe the copper plumbing reminds you of your favorite holiday.

Little details like lighting, mirrors, windows, wallpaper and masonry – to name just a few – are all indicators pointing to your unique style and taste. Pay enough attention to your reactions when observing these details, and you’ll soon have a better understanding of what you like and why. This will help to remove the necessity to remain fashionable as your home will always appeal to you, and that’s all that matters.

Three: Find the Right Resources

Once you know your style, it’s important to find the right people to help you. Be discerning as this is going to be what you see every day when you wake up and every night when you fall asleep. Your home is personal and shouldn’t be designed without you in mind. When searching for the best contractors to give you that perfect decking or custom storage, it is best to choose carefully. For example, companies like HomeRenoCare allows you to specify what you’re looking for and provides you with many options for all sorts of home renovation jobs. 

Four: Minimize

Don’t panic. This doesn’t mean get rid of all your treasured possessions and adopt a life of frugality (unless you want to). Minimize your possessions by making sure everything you own either serves a purpose or makes your surroundings beautiful in your eyes. Anything that you haven’t used in years or can’t stand looking at, throw it out or give it to someone who will appreciate it. Not only do you deserve to live in a home that is entirely designed around you, but your unwanted objects deserve to bring someone else happiness. You will be left with objects you will use and love. You have custom designed your space to suit you – the very definition of bespoke.

Five: Learn to Hunt

You’ve spotted the perfect bathroom basin through the window of an expensive homeware store. Although you know it fits perfectly with your style and would look brilliant in your home, it’s way out of your price range. This is where your hunting skills come in handy. Pick out the features of the object you like and be precise. It might take some detective work, but if you keep those features in mind while searching, you will surely find a suitable mimic that you and your wallet will love.

Bespoke isn’t about wasting money on impressing others. It’s about impressing yourself.


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