7 Tips To Style Your Instagram Photos Like a Pro

December 3, 2017

Instagram can be one of the most important social media platforms for your interior design business. So if you haven’t started to use it yet you are losing lots of opportunities. However to create a beautiful and engaging content is not as easy as it might seem. There are so many interesting accounts out there so it is really hard to stand out among them. The only way to do it is to constantly improve your photography and styling skills, learn about hashtags and dedicate lots of time to promote your account. I will write another post soon focused more on how to get new followers, more likes and comments on your posts while today this article is about making beautiful and stylish photos for your Instagram feed.

A couple of weeks ago my friend photographer Olga Shangina and I met in the morning at her place for some coffee, croissants and photo shooting. We decided to make some fall themed content for our Insta accounts. I did the styling and she took the photos.

Here are some simple tricks that we used:

  1. Start with a theme

A picture says a thousand words so let them be meaningful. Try to tell a story with your photo.

In the picture below I was trying to tell how my morning starts. On the weekends I wake up late and usually very lazy in the morning. I start my day with a cup of strong coffee and enjoy reading my favourite book. I like to wrap in a warm plaid and stay long in my bed…

style your instagram photos

2. Add more details

We noticed that the first vignette looks quite empty. It actually can be used if you want to create some minimalistic shots but to be honest this requires more professionalism than heavily styled vignettes – otherwise, the pictures often look too empty and under-decorated. We added vintage looking watch and purple macaroon.

3. Pick a colour palette

Color is something you can use to unite different objects together. For this photo shooting we picked muted beige-brown-white colour palette which we thought will best reflect the fall mood. Adding some bright accents will make the picture more interesting and eye-catching.

4. Try different angles

The only angle you need to avoid is camera facing the light – otherwise try different angles, zooming in and zooming out, focusing on different objects. You will be surprised later that the most beautiful shots come from a new angle:

5. Add human element

Instagram is very interacting platform – people want to feel that they are experiencing the place with you, so pictures with human element generally tend to get more engagement.

6. Lighting is crucial

Soft beautiful light is super important for getting nice shots. Avoid direct sunlight – it is better to take pictures in the mornings or in the afternoons. This doesn’t refer to winters in Moscow though where we only have a couple of hours of daylight when we can actually shoot )).

7. Don’t forget about editing

Of course, Instagram initially started as a channel to share pictures taken on a smartphone. However, if you look at accounts of famous influencers you will notice that most of them use professional cameras and editing in Photoshop. Learn the basics of Lightroom to make your pictures even more beautiful.



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