Trend Alert: Colorful Grout

November 23, 2017

Even the most simple ceramic tiles will look trendy and stylish, if you use a colorful grout.
It can be used not only for aesthetics purposes – for example, it helps to camouflage the seams or emphasize the shape of the tile, and also performs protective functions.

Where to use a colorful grout?

Unusually shaped tiles and colorful grout will make any bathroom look very posh. If you use a tile with a complex geometric shape and bold colorful grout I recommend to pick sanitaryware with simple, minimalistic forms.

One of the most favorite designs for the kitchen backsplash is the well known subway tiles. However, it has been used so many times that sometimes looks boring and cliche. Choosing for the grout bright and unexpected color, you can make this simple tiles look very trendy:

Entrance hall
In the design of this hallway I used hexagon tiles not only on the floor, but also on the walls. For walls I picked bordeaux color paint and same hue I used for the grout. Bold, saturated colors distracts attention from the small size of the hallway with the lack of natural light.
It is important to pay attention to the quality of the material: good grout can not be cheap! Quality grout has a water-repellent effect and the high resistance to fungus and mold, it is optimal for use in rooms with constant humidity – bathrooms and showers.
How to choose and apply a colorful grout?
1. Study the manufacturer’s palettes
Once you are convinced that the colorful grout is the right option for you, it is time to focus on the decorative aspects. Evaluate how different colored grout look next to your tiles – you can find an unexpected and interesting combination that you did not even think about.  Before buying the material, ask the retailer for a sample as the shade of the dry grout may differ from the image on paper or on the screen.

2. Decide on the color
The choice of the color of the grout (same hue with tiles, contrasting or complimentary) depends on your personal preferences and the effect that you want to create. The bright color looks dynamic and creative, the muted pastel tones can emphasize the geometry of the tiles, without pulling too much attention.
 3. Prepare the seams
To create a beautiful visual effect, it is very important to prepare seams. They need to be cleaned of the remains of tile glue and moistened with water so that the grout can be easier applied and will not crackle. To apply the grout, take a rubber spatula and a solid foam sponge. The sponge is used to remove excess of the grout but it should not be too wet, otherwise you will wash out the grout. After you seal all seams, wait for them to dry and wipe with a dry cloth.

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