How to Give Your Home a Mediterranean Makeover

November 10, 2017

Hello, friends! I am writing from sunny Marbella in Spain right now. So much inspiration here! 

 Warm, rustic interiors and vibrant colors with plenty of light and outdoor space should be top of your design list. This style is ideal if you want to transform your home or living space into a rustic and laid-back environment to enjoy and share with family and friends. The beauty of giving your home a Mediterranean makeover is that you can get your inspiration from a range of countries, including Greece, Spain and Italy. From stunning terra cotta tiles to autumn-colored throws and blankets, it’s even easier than you may think to give your home a Mediterranean inspired makeover.

mediterranean makeover

Color Inspired by Nature

Mediterranean culture and architecture is inspired by the beautiful colors that you see all around you. This is evident in the tiles and designs you may have come across during your most recent vacation. From the deep blues and greens of the sky and ocean, to the warming red tones from earthenware and traditional houses.

You may even spot a few hues of lavender and yellow. Why not begin by experimenting with a few of these tones on the walls of your living room or bedroom? If you live in a smaller space, try painting one wall for an injection of color. Remember that bright colors work well in lighter, airy spaces. You may want to use warmer tones to create a truly luxurious feel in your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have an outside space, then you can try to bring the outside in. Use planter pots with popular Mediterranean herbs on your veranda. You could even build a pergola with lots of creepers and vines to provide a shady retreat for any visitors, and a home for local wildlife.

Design tastes across the Mediterranean are changing too. Luxury villas on the Costa del Sol or Marbella apartments now incorporate more modern tones and crisp, clean lines. Apartments and homes across the Mediterranean are looking to incorporate large windows and open-plan living areas, to accommodate busy lifestyles. Clean linen and neutral colors can be complimented by splashes of bright colored accessories and textiles.

You can bring the outside in too, by adding seasonal greenery or floral decorations to your worktops or dining table. Plain walls need not be boring either. You can experiment with bold colored curtains or furniture or maybe even consider investing in some unusual artwork. Use this space as your canvas and get ready to be creative.

Spaces for Entertaining

Entertaining and sharing a table with friends and family is a central part of Mediterranean culture. Countries in the Mediterranean enjoy entertaining and love providing a comfortable and welcoming home for anyone that they invite. If you are looking to recreate Mediterranean outdoor spaces, make sure that you can offer plenty of benches or seating. If you are looking for a more traditional décor, choose wrought iron or metal furniture. For a modern twist, choose aluminum or lighter metals, and don’t be afraid to experiment with bright and bold colors. Whatever your style preference, make sure that you can blur the lines between the inside and out. Make sure that your living space is full of plants and exotic flowers, and you are successfully mimicking the Mediterranean lifestyle. Now all you need to do is ask some friends and family around to share your space with you!

Varied Textures and Patterns

Texture, patterns and paintings are central to more traditional Mediterranean homes. Certainly, if you have visited Southern Spain, Italy or Greece, you will have come across ornate textiles and tiles on the walls and floors of homes and apartments. In older homes, the furniture is also used to add visual variety to any space. If you are looking to create a more traditional feel, look for colorful tiles and throws or blankets to add some color and warmth into your home or apartment.

While ceramics can be expensive, there are a range of options and materials available on the market – check out what’s available at your local hardware store. You may also want to experiment with different painting techniques to create a feature wall in your bathroom or foyer. Paint manufacturers offer a range of painting kits, using glazes and differing topcoats to add some Mediterranean inspiration into your living space. So, get your paintbrushes ready and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Old World Touches

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have exposed ceiling beams or tiled floors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few rustic touches to your living space. Mediterranean interiors are a delicate combination of rustic yet modern details.

Nowadays, more modern properties try to emulate the colors or shades that you will have come across in more traditional architecture. If you are looking to add some old-world touches to your home, try tiling your mirrors and tabletops. Use neutral colors in your bathrooms and guest bedrooms, complimented by warm-colored curtains or throws. Right from the interior to the exterior, you can be sure that the Mediterranean influence is felt from your doorstep, all the way across your home.

Who wouldn’t want to recreate a Mediterranean escape in their home? Whether ornate Spanish or Italian villas inspire you, or perhaps you prefer a more modern style, it’s easy to recreate the look and feel from your vacation. From experimenting with color to adding a few bright accessories, giving your home a Mediterranean makeover need not cost a fortune.

Try out some faux painting techniques and experiment with your outside space, by building a pergola or adding a few planters filled with bright flowers or kitchen herbs. Remember that the essence of Mediterranean design is that your home is welcoming and open to visits or long-lunches. Keep your spaces open, bright and spacious. Make sure that you add some fresh greenery and try out some Mediterranean-inspired home cooked dishes, and you are halfway there. By just making a few small changes, you will be amazed a how easy it is to incorporate the Mediterranean into your home.

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