The Perfect Way to Design the Bedroom of Your Dreams

November 9, 2017

The bedroom is one place a person can relax, feel contented, and truly express themselves without limitations. When designing the perfect bedroom, it can be a daunting task to choose what items to display and what furniture, colors, and accessories will pull it all together for a pleasing visual. When designing your bedroom, look at what reflects your personality and your partner’s personality (if applicable). You want a space that you feel free in and that can house all your deepest desires and dreams!

The Bed

There is one common item that is found in any person’s bedroom around the globe and it is the most essential item to consider when designing a bedroom: the bed. A person’s bedroom should have the bed as the main focus and the piece that draws the eye. You want a bed that is both practical and drool-worthy.

Having a bed that invites the person to relax and destress is key! Top your bed with colorful pillows and a cozy cover meant to be worshiped! Choose a set of well fitted sheets in a breathable material to discourage the accumulation of bacteria or dust mites and pillows that support your neck in the proper position.

Try a mattress that suits both physical needs and personal comfort levels. One mattress that fits the criteria is the Zenhaven mattress. This mattress is both comfortable and practical with adjustable firm levels, various plushness options, and breathable organic cotton toppers.

The Floor Plan

Generally a person’s bedroom will have more furniture than just a bed. Dressers, nightstands, makeup tables or desks will also find home in your bedroom. Choose a set that combines items or choose mismatched pieces that complement each other. You don’t want clutter in the bedroom so make sure the pieces chosen suit the size of the room and do not compete for space against the walls or are left in the middle of the room. Place the furniture in a way that leaves the main walking areas open and inviting. An obstacle course in the bedroom is no fun!

The Colors

Choose paint colors that reflect your personality while maximizing the space available to you. Paint shops have trained professionals that will help you to decide which color is best for you and the size of the room available. Using all dark colors on the walls can create the effect of a smaller room than it actually is. If you want a dark color, paint just one wall as the accent wall and use complimenting colors on the remaining three walls. White or a similar color is always a safe bet as well because it expands the visual size of the room and you can use accent pieces on the walls to add splashes of color.

Using a cheery rug for a pop of color or choosing light fixtures with a detailed pattern can also brighten the room without sacrificing a lot of space to make it work.

The Knick-Knacks and Artwork

Your bedroom is a reflection of yourself and artwork and decals can emphasize this. Use vibrant or streamlined prints that have a common color scheme as your bedroom and do not create clashing visual effects. By maximizing the storage space of your bedroom, you can display your treasured knick-knacks from personal photos to souvenirs of trips to childhood memories.

Maximize the Space

Clutter in a bedroom can create stress and displeasure, so maximizing the living space can have its benefits! Choose multi-purpose furniture, such as a combination headboard/bookshelf or lamps that can be installed on the walls. Combination furniture that also house multipurpose storage options are great additions to any bedroom. Purchase closet space savers that offer the maximum storage and keep all related articles of clothing in one area.

Light the Way

Brighten a room with lots of windows or if that option isn’t available, use mirrors to reflect the natural light you do receive. This trick will also increase the visual size of your room and keep the look simple. Waking up to the outdoors as your view can increase your morale and brighten your day before even getting out of bed. Natural light is also great for anything from putting on makeup to reading in bed on the weekend.

Use sleep shades or dark panels on your windows to maintain privacy and to decrease the amount of natural light filtering into the room as you desire. Place your bed in a location that isn’t easily visible through the open door to create an additional privacy measure.


The bedroom is the house of the soul and the place where people unwind from the pressures of daily life. A warm inviting room that displays all sides of your personality will increase the contentment you feel as you get ready for the day or for the night. Go crazy and try different options of placement to find the best fit for your safe haven!

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