Home Decorating And Improvement Ideas For Fall

November 8, 2017

I do love decorating for fall. The weather at this time is cooler, and the kids are back to school giving me all the time I need to decorate. I often use tips from famous interior designers on some easy and cheap ways to decorate during fall. Today, I share some of them with you.

Fall Wreath With Micro String Lights

You can make your entryway or porch welcoming by considering hanging a fall wreath using a magnetic hanger that has fall colors such as green, yellow, brown or orange. To add more pizazz to the porch, make sure they light up by using micro string lights. The guests will feel the welcomed, and the décor will help them step up to walk in your home

Mirror In The Hallway

Place a mirror in your hallway near the door this fall. Make sure the mirror has a well-sculptured frame that will add elegance to your hallway. You can add accessories such as family photographs on the walls or flower vases to add color to your décor.

Fireplace Mantel

Give your fireplace a new look this fall by having a fall harvest décor. You can start with hanging a wreath above the mantel and place glass pumpkins and garland with wood candle holders that have faux LED wax candles. Scatter small gourds around the candles. In case you have bookcases that are built in around the fireplace dress them with glitter pumpkins. The fireplace will be a sight to behold.


Table Centerpiece

A great thanksgiving centerpiece on the table is welcoming. Place pre-lit glass pumpkins on the thanksgiving table, and flax fall-leaves around or LED pillar candle lanterns and lighted glass pumpkins on the table. These decors will make that thanksgiving table look incredible.

Use Complementary Colors

Make an impact by use of contrasting colors on your interior fall display. Use a vase with a contrasting color to the fall leaves. You will add interest to the room, and the leaves will not stand out much. Use cool colors such as greens, blues, and purples more and complement them with different shades of yellow, orange and red leaves.

Use Woodland

You can turn your russet orange roses to a fall décor by adding woodland inspired décor. Use acorns and fern fronds to give the roses a more earthy feel. You can also turn the flowers basic vase into a beauty by wrapping it in a woodland wrapping paper.

Use Black And White Colors On Your Corridor

The black and white simple color scheme will make your hallway or corridor feel airy. It will also accentuate the height of space. Your visitors will be welcomed to a misty environment by the black colors, and the white will evoke feelings of renewal and fresh beginnings.

Wooden Fall Sign

Use a wooden fall sign made from fir wood on your covered porch to give your guests a fall welcome. You can add a spider lantern with starlight spheres and hang them on the urn planter or on the tree branches to give your home the Halloween feel and more personality.

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