5 Tips to Hiring an Interior Designer

November 5, 2017

Designing your home is an exciting project that totally brings out your creativity. But sometimes you can’t do it alone.

For one, designers are generally more knowledgeable about homescaping. They’ve studied it for years and even earned a degree on it. You also get to save time and focus more on your daily job. We’re all aware how home projects are usually done on the sides when the homeowners have time to spare. Getting a designer to plan your furniture shopping is a great time saver. If you’re already bent on getting a professional to help you, read on! Here are 5 tips to hiring an interior designer:

  1. Know what you want

Before you head out searching for the best interior designer for your home, it’s helpful to establish your preferences first. Have a sit down and look for interior pegs and inspiration. This interior design company in Hong Kong features tons of stylish spaces to draw inspiration from. Google and Pinterest are also great havens for design ideas.

While it’s part of the designer’s job to help you figure out your vision for you house, due diligence on the client’s part can speed up the process. Don’t be shy to tell your designer about your ideas, the colors you want, the palette you want to work on, and everything else. Before contracting a designer, take some time to decide on your vision for your home.

  1. Find someone you’re comfortable talking to

The world is filled with tons of talented designers who have amazing portfolios to boot. Find someone whom you can communicate comfortably with. Spend some time interviewing a couple of designers to see which one feels best to work with. Look through their experience, their portfolios, and ask about their past projects. Learn if you have similar tastes or if they’re worked on a project that has a similar vision with yours. It also helps if you get recommendations from friends and family. But ultimately you want to hire someone you can be friends with.

  1. Be open to suggestions

The designer’s job is to ensure your vision for your space is carried out perfectly. But this can’t be done by just following what you want. Your designer may offer you options you haven’t considered, and you have to take them with an open mind. In any case, trust your designer because you wouldn’t be hiring one if you didn’t need their suggestion. Be open to collaborate because ultimately you both want the best outcome for the project.

  1. Have a clear budget

Be upfront about the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the project. It helps your designer create a concrete plan for your house and eliminates any unexpected costs that may burden you. Sometimes your budget may not be enough to execute your vision, but don’t worry. Your designer can help you prioritize your wish list, and give you options that fit your budget. You can also ask for ballpark estimates on certain parts of the house to see if you can work something around.

  1. Collaborate until the end

Your current designer is your biggest lead in getting good contractors that will build your space. It will save you time and money if you get the recommendations from the same professional who designed your space. Try asking your interior designer if they can recommend builders to execute the work. This ensures you have a team that already has rapport with each other.

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