5 Ways to Incorporate a Spyder Table from Cattelan Italia in your Home

November 4, 2017

The Spyder Table from Cattelan Italia is an amazingly versatile piece of furniture. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, this piece can be used in many ways within your home. Inspired by the shape of a spider, its feet offer a compelling structural form that is sure to be a great conversation piece. This is an ingenious contemporary piece of furniture that is setting new standards in sleek and sophisticated style.

This piece offers many different materials and finishes. You will also be spoilt for choice when selecting the base, which is available in Canaletto walnut, stainless steel, matte white, or matte graphite varnished steel. Furthermore, the tabletop is also available in walnut Canaletto wood with edges that are made out of natural solid wood edges.

This extensive range of choices allows you to pick the right combination to fit in with the personality of your home. This table also has unique features that will provide you with endless style and function possibilities. Here are five ways in which you can incorporate this amazing piece into your home décor.

  1. Show-stopping dining table

For many people, the Spyder is the perfect dining table. Its unique design makes it the perfect addition to any modern space. Furthermore, its combination of rustic and contemporary elements ensures that it will fit in with any style or design aesthetic.

The table is available in three different sizes, making it the perfect dining spot for spaces of any size. It also has a solid construction look that will leave you with a general impression of strength and sturdiness. Whether you are using it for small, intimate lunches or an eight-person dinner party, the Spyder is the perfect dining table for you.

  1. Extend your kitchen island

If your kitchen island is too small, you can make it do more work for you by using the Spyder table. Use it to extend the island and create an inviting space for the whole family. This is the perfect solution for those who want to get their dream island without doing a lot of building work to customize it.

  1. Display your knick-knacks

Are you looking for a new way to display your art, sculptures, or plants? Then the Spyder table is the perfect choice for you. Even with a wide range of colors, it provides a smooth, neutral base to show off your precious collectibles to their fullest potential. The table is also large enough to do this without looking cluttered or untidy.

  1. Functional home office

When setting up a home office, the first consideration is usually space. You want enough space to work, set up your office equipment, or just stretch out your legs. The Spyder provides all this and more. With a wide worktop space, you will have enough room to set up a beautiful and functional office area in your home. Its sturdy design also ensures that you will have a strong and stable working area.

  1. Extra working space

The Spyder table ensures that you can now have will never complain about lack of space again. You can quickly convert this versatile piece of furniture to a roomy working area to suit your needs.


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