5 Must Haves for Your Autumn Patio Party

October 27, 2017

Alongside the excitement that comes with autumn is the need to have a pleasant season. As the weather changes, every household wants to embrace the season with joy and happiness. Confirm the weather patterns from the weather stations as suggests, so as to make the right decisions when planning the outdoor decorations for your yard, front door and home.

autumn patio party

There are several ideas on decorations that will surely wow your neighbors, making you the envy of the entire neighborhood. Turn your patio into something jaw-dropping and breathtaking with the help of relevant, autumnal decorations. That said, here are five must-haves for your autumn patio party:

autumn patio party

Unique Entrance Decorations

There are several options for your door decorations in order to bring out a new style for your entrance. Some examples are: make a house number or welcome sign display using pumpkins or wood pallets for your visitors, stack corn stalks or hay bales in a vertical manner on both sides on your door and pumpkins can also be stacked vertically with a combination of some green leaves to make your pathway look unique and colorful.

Spread a few green leaves because a touch of greenery will bring out a combination of appealing colors. Gather autumn leaves and make a wreath for hanging on your door and in case you don’t have any leaves around, get some from a craft store. If you don’t like the idea of a wreath made out of leaves, a pumpkin or acorn wreath can also be made.

An outdoor pumpkin patch would also be ideal and beautiful to see, so gather some pumpkins with different colors and arrange them in a beautiful pattern. You also have the option to cluster them together for a more attractive look. If you have white pumpkins, the better – since they tend to glow slightly in the moonlight.

Plant Autumn Flowers

Select flowers and plants with different colors that will showcase your decor creativity and most importantly, you need plants that can survive autumn temperatures such as artichokes and ivy.

Grow scarlet-toned blooms and mums in planters that you will place on the entrance – the display blends well with the combination of pumpkin colors.

A pumpkin can also be used as a planter for other plants. When curved well, it can serve as the container for the green plants, adding to the color combinations with its orange or white color. Some people even go to the extent of planting herbs in the pumpkins, saving on the extra costs instead of purchasing planters.

Party Decor Candle Holders

Candle holders can be made using DIY methods as well as with the materials available in your city or town. A unique floating candle display would add uniqueness to your decor and to make this, get a container and fill it with water. Spread some leaves in the water, then place some mini pumpkins with candles inside and let them float.

Alternatively, get the bigger pumpkins with different colors, curve them and place some candles inside. To enhance the beauty, create some patterns such as polka dots for a unique appearance.

The positioning of the candles can be an arrangement on the staircase, pathway or on the table top for an outdoor party. The mini pumpkins, on the other hand, can be placed on the tabletop.

Glowing Lights

A glowing effect at night adds beauty to your entrance and yard and it’s not even that hard to make – just place a line of paper bag luminaries on the stairs or pathway into your home. For a larger effect on decor and light display, cut the bags into patterns and designs to complement the surrounding decorations.

Glowing lights in transparent jars can be arranged in a hanging string and then placed in the outdoor space.

Tabletop Centerpiece

Nothing complements decor better than a well-decorated and attractive centerpiece. Outdoor tabletops can be decorated with what is available around you, which includes potted plants and pumpkins.

Or gather some branches from your yard and place them in a jar for your centerpiece decoration. Don’t forget to make sure that you select branches with different colors to add diversity to your designs.

autumn patio party

A combination of multi-colored pumpkins and gourds is handy in instances when you have no idea on how to set up your centerpiece. It doesn’t have to have any particular setup, as well – just cluster them in the middle of the tables in your outdoor space.

If you happen to have pumpkins of different sizes, arrange them in the middle of the table from the largest to the smallest. A number of three should be enough for your centerpiece.


The above is a list of must-haves for your autumn patio party; you do not have to be an expert in interior design, outdoor decor, or throwing fall parties to make your autumn patio party a success.



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