Nocturnal Nature: 6 Ways to Turn Your Patio Into a Comfortable After-Dark Alcove

October 22, 2017

An evening spent outdoors in your very own outdoor alcove can be as relaxing and fulfilling as any bar or fancy hotel outdoor space you’ve ever been to. Getting your outdoor area into shape so that you can enjoy long evenings alfresco is another matter. How do you make sure your area is comfortable climatically, and how can you make sure pests and other issues are kept to a minimum?

The following six tips are aimed at helping you create your best possible outdoor space, so that you can enjoy the great outdoors without the issues.

Light Brigade

Keeping your outdoor space well lit is a key element to tackle. Firstly, consider the amount of light and the quality of light you’d like to let into your space. Do you want bright, fluorescent light, or are you more comfortable with the soft twinkle of fairy lights or LEDs?

Consider the mood you’re trying to create and work backwards from there. Finding the correct lighting (which is versatile enough to span your occasional outdoor gatherings) is a skill in itself. Take the time to consider your needs and purchase accordingly.

Turn Up The Heat

Another key consideration is temperature and climate control. Use of outdoor spaces can vary wildly across seasons, and in many areas, it can be too cold to consider spending any amount of time outdoors due to a lack of heating options.


With an array of heating options now available, it may be time to consider installing a heating solution for your outdoor area. Adding heating (such as a gas heater) will lengthen and preserve the amount of time you and your family can spend outdoors, enriching the quality time you spend together with nature.

Gimme Shelter

Another seasonal consideration is shading and cover. This becomes important during inclement or changeable weather, and will also influence the amount of time you can spend enjoying your outdoor space.

Installing a roof or some shade cloth may be the difference between enjoying your outdoor space in changeable weather and being confined to indoors. With options expanding all the time (plastic roofing, wooden cladding, corrugated aluminium, coated shade cloth) there’s an option out there to suit you and your budget.

Pest Patrol

Keeping your outdoor area free of pests will also ensure that you’re able to spend more comfortable hours outdoors. Citronella candles and mosquito control lights can help to create an environment free of itchy issues, while also providing extra ambient lighting and diffusion. Small touches such as these can add comfort and forethought which is cheap and of much use to any guests you may host.

Window Service

For the ultimate in convenience and integration, consider installing or integrating the available windows and doors of your household so that they may act as portals into your outdoor area. Windows which open directly into your outdoor space from the kitchen are also convenient dumbwaiters, and ensure that you can easily transport food and drinks without hassle or hygiene issues. Small touches such as these may provide the extra incentive to use your space more often and more effectively.

The Life Electric

Power outlets and extension cables are another cheap and easily maintained feature which will ensure that your outdoor space remains versatile and well-used. Power outlets will allow you to have electronic devices which play music, or cooking implements which are electronic.

These small touches will give you an extra functionality and allow you to partake in leisure activities in your space which may otherwise be inconvenient or ill-achieved.

Creating a fun, comfortable outdoor area to be enjoyed at your home after-dark requires a little before-planning and thought, but can reap great rewards. With small touches such as lighting, climate control and pest control, you can create your own outdoor eden which can be enjoyed all year-round.


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