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October 19, 2017

Hi friends!

Recently I finished renovating my home office so want to share with you the results.

Like many other self-employed entrepreneurs I work from home. It is great in many senses – I don’t need to spend several hours in traffic jams or public transport every day, I can have flexible schedule and I can take breaks whenever I want. The downside is that I need to stay really disciplined and organized to be productive. Comfortable and efficient workspace is one of the things that help to achieve it.

Initially I had a desk in my bedroom, but now when I dedicated a separate room as my home office I noticed how my energy and productivity boosted.

About the colors – I preferred to choose relaxing, calming color palette – off white walls, beige textiles and green accents. These colors help me to stay focused and creative and don’t distract me from my work. For walls I picked Polar Heights paint by Dulux and natural oak as flooring. White door and skirting add lightness and airiness to the space.

I tried to use mainly natural materials, e.g. wood for the floor and furniture, bamboo roman blinds, linen curtains and lots of greenery. Plants are my favorite when it comes to decorate any space, since they always bring life, energy and at the same time relaxing feel to the space.

The comfortable table is necessary – mine was custom made for me according to my requirements. I always wanted to have a super large desk, which would allow me to work at the computer and do drawings for my projects at the same time. This table is 180 cm wide and 50 cm deep.

Lighting is crucial as well. I put my desk right beside the window so I have lots of natural light all day. Try not to put your desk in front of the window as light will come directly to your eyes, or opposite as it will reflect on your computer screen.

Organizing workspace is another important issue. I like when all things that I need for work are easily available and visible. That’s why I preferred to install open shelves where I put several folders bought in IKEA – there I store my contracts, project documentation and some samples related to current projects.

I have also thought about making a small relaxing nook for myself. When you work from home sometimes it is very difficult to make little breaks but those are necessary. Having cozy area with comfortable sofa, cute coffee table and my favorite plants is really cool. I can take a small coffee break, get some inspiration from interior magazines or play with my dog. It’s also great to have it when I have friends or family coming. About decor – pillows are from H&M home, coffee table and lamp are from Danish store and photography print was found on Etsy.

Overall I am very happy with an outcome. And what do you guys think?

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October 19, 2017 at 7:08 am

Love it! Very beautiful and relaxing. Hope to have something like it one day 😊


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