Classy Ways to Make Your Bathroom A Winter Wonderland

October 19, 2017

Why should all the rooms in the home get special treatment in the winter, and the poor bathroom be left just as it is all at all other time of the year? Well, of course, the answer is that is shouldn’t, and you can make your bathroom a classy, and practical winter wonderland very easily. Just follow the advice below.

The floor

The floor space in a bathroom needs to be practical right? That means it is tiled or wood finished. So the water can evaporate and not cause problems with mold. The problem is that in the winter these types of flooring can be seriously cold on your feet, making it all the more difficult to wrench yourself out of bed in the morning and get in the shower.

The solution? Well, it’s not carpet because no matter how cold it is that is just not something that should ever be a permanent fixture in a bathroom space. However, there are things you can do like invest in a soft and fluffy bath mat, as that will protect your feet from the floor, and lessen the shock of cold when you get out of the bath or shower.

No icicles

Ensuring that everything is working efficiently in your bathroom is an essential part of making it a winter wonderland. After all, it may look very festive to have icicles dripping from the bath taps but it’s not exactly a very practical way of living now is it?

That is why it’s so vital to ensure that the boiler, taps, and pipes are all in great working condition during this season. To help with this, you can use heat tape for pipes with thermostats, as this will discourage freezing and the associated leaks and burst pipes. Things that can truly ruin the warm and comforting atmosphere that you are trying so hard to create.

Towel rail

If you are going to spend a little money on your bathroom, turning it into a winter wonderland, then first consider investing in a heated towel rail.

They come in all sorts of designs and can be floor or wall mounted, and the best thing is that they will keep your towels toasty warm for when you come out of the shower and bath. A truly wonderful treat for the winter.

Towels and robes

Talking of towels, get the biggest fluffiest one you can get, and robes as well for the perfect winter proofed space. You can even go for festive colors such as a forest green or magenta red. Although a pure white is wintery and classy, so maybe a better choice if you don’t want your bathroom to end up looking like Santa’s Grotto.

A festive hint

Lastly, if you truly must acknowledge the festive season in your bathroom decor, ensure that you do it with class. That means baubles, and tinsel are out. Instead, invest in a Christmas themed scented candle, or at most a sparkling winter twig to stand in a pot in the corner for a subtle winter wonderland vibe.


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