Time for Change: How to Adapt Your House Decor

October 16, 2017

A change is as good as a rest! There is never a wrong time to change your home’s décor. It can be an inexpensive way to make you fall back in love with your home, without the great expense and stress of moving. You can spend as much or as little as your budget affords, and the good news is that because you are only making cosmetic changes, you can repeat as often as you like to keep up to date with trends.

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You don’t have a blank canvas to play with, but what you may have is plenty of items that fill your home unnecessarily. You must assess your belongings, and consider each one for their merit. You will be able to easily identify the pieces that you do not like, but some of your possessions will not be so easy to part with, so group together your ‘unsures’ and revisit at a later time when you have had time to consider. You may find that you have items of furniture or accessories that can be upcycled into more relevant and appealing pieces, again, keep these to one side. You can now start to adapt your home’s décor.

house decor


With the change of seasons, it is great to see a change of the textiles and fabrics that you have in your lounge. For the cooler months of autumn and winter, you want to embrace more opulent deep colours and textures: sapphire, amethyst and emerald; velvets, wools and plaids.

The cushions on your sofa should provide a touch of luxury; never have too few, you want to exude comfort and luxury. For the spring and summer months, delicate silks and floral patterns should populate your room, and the winter burning scented candles replaced with bouquets of fresh flowers. Maintain your room’s freshness and appeal by having the carpets and upholstery each year. Such companies as provide a professional cleaning service that will renew and extend the life in them.


You may not have the time or inclination to paint all the walls of your home, but you can paint selectively to update your home’s style. In your kitchen, cupboards and units can be painted to a color that suits your current tastes – just remember to use a primer. Perhaps you have a dresser that you can paint a standout color and transform it from functional to statement. You do not have to select large pieces of furniture to update, sometimes less is more.


Lighting is one of the most underused interiors tricks, and yet it can transform a space. You can choose fabulous pendant lights in your kitchen to provide task lighting that pales spotlights into insignificance; choose a chandelier for your bathroom to introduce extravagance and luxury. The neutral palette of the walls provides a perfect backdrop for oversized lamps that have metallic shades, or a fabric that is too extreme for your curtains, but you love nonetheless.

There are so many things that you can do to update the look of your home, and some require more time and money than others. Whatever you choose to do, have fun! You need to enjoy changing your home to suit your evolved tastes, and you should be confident in your choices.


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