5 Basement Modern Designs You Can Do This Fall

October 7, 2017

Now that summer is ending, the mood of many people will start to sink. They will miss being outdoors and with nature. The turn of the season is sometimes what causes people to go into a slump. One way to brighten yourself up again is to redecorate for the fall! Redecorating basements can be fun because there is so much that you can do with them! They are entire levels of the house that can be changed and modified to your whim. Read on to find out some of the exciting modern basements designs you can work with this fall!

Add a Fireplace

The fall months are when the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. Cool winds will blow and the air is crisp. Having a fireplace in your basement is a great way to prepare for the fall! This may seem like a big project, but it really does not have to be. Adding a gas or electric fireplace can make the whole space feel warmer and more welcoming. Your family will be able to cuddle up near the fireplace and do fun activities together.

basement modern designs

Upgrade Your TV

When the seasons change from summer to fall, it is likely that you will be spending less time outdoors. You and your family will slowly start to migrate towards the warm house, and indoor activities. Family movie nights will become much more common. This means that you should have a nice TV to enjoy them on. Upgrading your TV can really make a difference in the quality that you are getting back. If you decide to add a fireplace to the basement, you could mount the TV right above it! Then you are reaping the benefits of both the fireplace and the TV at the same time.

Repaint the Walls

Different seasons mean that a change of colour is in order! Fall colours are more toned down than summer ones, but they can still be very inviting. If you are looking for a change, try painting an accent wall in your basement. You can make one wall red, green, or whatever colour you like. Then the rest of the walls can be a more neutral tone to make the colour pop. Repainting the walls is a good way to welcome fall, because you are updating the space that you will be spending more time in. Another thing that you could do is change the colour of the furniture. Take your seating in to get reupholstered so it can have a fresh new look this fall. You can also add some colourful throw pillows into the design.  

Add Photo Galleries

Many families take advantage of the beautiful outdoor colours to take photo shoots. They pose in front of a pumpkin patch, or have candid shots of leaf fights. These photos are treasured memories, and should be displayed for everyone to see. Add a photo gallery to your basement wall by getting some of your favourite pictures framed. You can arrange them in a pleasing design of whatever you like. These are great if you also have photos of previous generations from your family. It can be interesting to compare features and point out similarities that were passed down.

Add More Lighting

Fall and winter tend to be the darkest seasons. If you are down in the basement, the lighting may not be optimal. You can fix this by adding more lighting to the space. If you are willing to put in more work, you can add ceiling lights that hang overhead. However, the easier route would just be to purchase some standing lights. These can cast a warm glow over the whole basement, and keep everything illuminated. It will be worth it to add these lights, because winter nights can seem pretty long in the semi-darkness.

How to Protect What You Created

Damp basements are always a concern. Water moisture can travel inside and settle in on your belongings. This means that if you just redecorated the basement, it could all be ruined by a bit of moisture or humidity. Preserve your hard work by investing in a dehumidifier. Basement dehumidifiers are definitely worth the expense, because they are shielding the space from damage. They can absorb the moisture from the air before it settles in on your newly decorated space.


Redecorating your basement this fall can be an exciting project! Take a look around at what you would like to see most in your new space. Then you can generate inspirational ideas about how to implement your vision. The ideas listed above are a good starting point for you to try out. Do not forget to invest in the dehumidifier, otherwise all your hard work might be lost!


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