7 Ideas For Decorating a Wall That You May Never Have Thought Of

October 4, 2017

There are some people who regard a blank wall as something to be wary of. The idea of having to turn it into something decorative can seem daunting. The task of decorating a wall is actually far less scary than it may appear. If you approach the task in a creative manner you can create an eye catching focal point for the room.

decorating a wall

Of course, it’s possible to get expert advice and assistance when designing an effective wall space in your home; click this link for more information. But, this does not mean you cannot take on the task yourself. Here is some advice that you may find useful, if you decide to do so.

Create your own gallery

You probably have lots of photographs which remind you of good times you have had over the years. Why not bring the memories back to life, by creating a gallery for a blank wall in your home. It’s a unique form of decoration, because no-one else has the same photographic collection as you.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors can be an effective feature, if you use them correctly. They can help you create a feeling of space in even a small room. If you want to create a wall of mirrors, you need to pay attention to detail, so that you do not overdo the effect.

decorating a wall

Create unique shelving

You may not think of shelving as a particularly innovative design feature. It may not be, if you opt for plain and straight shelving. But, if you think creatively, you can have a wall full of shelves in different geometric shapes, such as triangles and squares.

decorating a wall

Have fun with a chalkboard

A chalkboard is a fun addition to any blank wall. It comes in useful for you to play family games, or for your children to create their own wall art, without actually drawing on the walls. The great thing about a chalkboard is that using one means your room design is constantly changing.

Get creative with a mural

If you are feeling in a really creative mood, why not spend some time creating your own wall mural. It’s a fun thing to do, and you can even get the rest of the family involved. If you feel you are lacking the skills to do this yourself, you do not have to miss out. You can hire a professional to create a mural for you.

Show off your collection

Collections of items such as ceramics can be really useful to use when you are decorating a wall in your home. The most important thing to remember is that less is more. Do not display too many items, or the wall may end up looking overcrowded and untidy.

Create your own art feature

Have you got old postcards or posters lying around that you do not look at very often, but are loathe to throw away. If this is the case, why not put them together, to create a unique feature wall. It’s better than keeping them hidden away where no-one gets to see them.

Hopefully, we have given you some inspiration, when it comes to decorating that blank wall in your home. All that remains is for you to get started.

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