4 Office Interior Design Tips for a Modern and Practical Office Space

October 1, 2017

While the evolution of contemporary office space, interior design started in the early parts of the 2000s. However, it is not until the surfacing of startups featuring modern office designs by giant digital companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and many others that inspired businesses of all sizes to shift from the monotonous cubicle-crowded spaces to a modern office interior that aims to motivate workers to get creative and increase productivity. The combination of science, technology, and modern design makes it possible for business owners to create a hub that boosts productivity and changes the way office spaces are viewed forever. You can start your own modern and practical office in spaces available at

If you think about modern office design, it is not only about lines, furniture, spaces, and colors, you also take into consideration functionality and practicality. Here are some of the trending modern and practical office designs today:

  1. Mid-Century Modern

Mid- century modern office design shows the integration of various design concepts like refined lines, natural shapes and minimalist silhouettes. The inclusion of various earth shades and light shades of different colors, as well as the indiscriminate use of different furniture materials, inspires an air of freedom and lightness that is proven to help increase people’s productivity. The careful use of space in modern offices make it practical and technology integration intensifies functionality.

  1. Industrial

Perhaps the most common modern office design to date as seen in different startups. Today’s industrial office interior design does away with the crowdedness of elements inside the room. It provides spacious areas that encourage productivity and collaboration among workmates. The use of metal combined with rustic designs and greeneries in strategic areas make this design highly appealing to modern day office workers.

  1. Urban Modern

Urban modern design plays with the artistic combination of wood, metal, and rustic styles made softer by minimalist draperies and design accessories. With a little more emphasis into lightings, it becomes an inspiration for the creatives to unleash their talents. Wide spaces in between tables and benches and collaborative working tables infused with technology make it a very practical design for an office.

  1. Modern Scandinavian

More popular to women led and women catering businesses, the Scandinavian design presents a touch of minimalistic feminism into modern office interior design characterized by generous draperies and rugs. The design has a dominating white wall with black and white and some colored elements strewn together to inspire an air of comfortable productivity. The use of minimalist base furniture elements makes it even more pleasing.

Modern interior design, be it for home or office, calls for mindfulness of practicality more than a splurge into the call of necessity. It also inspires experimentation of bringing different elements together to come up with a moderately striking space. Moreover, the integration of technology in design elements make these modern offices highly practical and excellently functional.

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October 3, 2017 at 11:36 am

Wow! I loved all 4 modern office design. So unique and spacious. Keep sharing such great tips.


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