5 Useful Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Worktop

September 29, 2017

Are you a cleanliness freak and want your kitchen spick and span at all times? Well, a clean and organized kitchen surely makes things easy. You will not have a hard time finding things, and your kitchen will look appealing all the time.This is why we will just give you some useful tips to keep your counter organized.

Tips to organize Kitchen countertops.

Stash the Paper Towel stand Deciding Upon Accessible Placements for Other Items

Only essentials should be there on your kitchen counter. For example, the paper towels should not occupy the precious space on the worktop. You can stash them in the cabinets or the fridge.

kitchen worktop

Most people always put their water pitchers on the countertop. This also occupies extra space. The smart move is to have the pitchers in the fridge.

An out of the box idea is that you should get pens and pencils with a magnet back. This way they can be easily stuck on your fridge, and you can take them off when you need them.

Put the Sink Items in Special Holders

Do not keep sink sponges and soaps on your worktop. You can have holders attached to the wall over the sink, and you can keep the sink items there.

Place A Junk Bowl on The Counter

If you are in the habit of putting the entire counter repository on the worktop, then you should place a junk bowl on your kitchen counter. The not needed items should go in the junk bowl.

Get Hold of Beautiful Mason Jars

Mason jars will never lose their significance. To make your worktop more organized, you can put all the necessary food items like sugar and dry pasta in the mason jars. The good news is that the mason jars look attractive also.

The advantage of using mason jars is that they add decoration value to the counter and you feel like looking at them. Follow the idea of vertical storage for your kitchen utensils.

For example, spatulas and strainers should not be there on your worktop. You need to place these items in a transparent vase. This way it will not take you a lot of time to get hold of the items you need.

Divide Your Worktop into Sections

If you have a spacious counter, then you should try to divide it into sections. For example, you can keep your pencils and notepad in one corner. Flower vase and fruit bowl should be placed in another corner of the counter.

The way you place the items on the countertop also matters. This is why if you place containers on the worktop, then make sure that you place them neatly in a line. All these little things matter.

Your countertop should depict an ecstatic sense and organization. This is why you consider buying beautiful Corian Worktops. They go well with every kitchen. Plus, if you follow the countertop organization ideas mentioned above, then your worktop is bound to give a pretty picture.


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