Wood Based Furniture You Can Make Yourself

September 13, 2017

A bit of DIY every now and then makes your home stylings go the extra mile. You know exactly what went into your furniture, and you know how long it can last based on that fact. The good thing about woodworking is that anyone can do it; if you’re a bit of a novice at working with wood material, you can practice as much as you like before crafting your own original pieces to display. That’s what makes interior DIY such a good pastime after all. So what furniture pieces can be easily made at home and save you a quick buck?


Doing it yourself with some wood is the best way to use your own designs and truly personalise your home. Modern furniture is comprised of so many materials nowadays that just about anything can work.

No more having to fork out for two sets of dining chairs because the first didn’t cut the right amount. Make as many as you like, especially if you’re working your way up to the final result. If you have kids, these can be a great gimmick to make them laugh.

Cross stitching on your chair seats means you can utilise a traditional pastime in the best way possible. It’s so creative, and is on a much larger scale than a bit of aida and a needle. A good guide can be found at, and you never know what this kind of skill could lead to!


Your own coffee tables can be the centre of the room when you’ve had a hand in them. The legs can be crafted as intricately or plainly as you like, depending on your current skill level, and that isn’t even mentioning the ink transfer patterns you can dabble in.

For a smooth and even glossy look, investing in a wood sander will take you a lot further than a bit of shine or some new pieces when you need them. You can find some great deals at, and you can find some great advice on what to do with them as well.


You can even craft your own bedframe with your new skills if you want to go far. A double or queen sized will be the most work, so you can build up from scratch with smaller beds if you have little ones.

Bedframes need to be durable as they support a person’s whole weight when they’re unconscious, meaning there’s a little more mass to them. Pick up a few bed plans and work on or from those.

A bed may take a little bit more money with the extras all thrown in, like mattresses and cushions, but it can both a romantic and a practical move to do it yourself.

Wood furniture can be easy to make once you get going, as wood is soft to whittle and molds well to other pieces with interlinking pieces. Wood is also incredible durable, and when you have a varnish, voila!


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