Prepare Your Home For Winter

September 8, 2017

Mornings are getting cooler, leaves are starting to change colors and school is back in session. Those are all signs that winter is on its way. Even though the snow might not get here until December, you need to get your house ready for the weather. Making a list of all the things to do is a good way to be prepared without feeling overwhelmed.

Starting with the yard, you will want to rake dead leaves and empty your flower planters. Those can be stored in the shed for winter, but make sure they are dry so they don’t crack. Plant bulbs that bloom in the spring and collect the ones that you want to save for next year. Clean out bushes and flower beds. You probably want to cut low hanging branches so they don’t fall on people or vehicles during windy nights or when they get heavy with snow.

Closer to the house, clean your patio furniture and put it away for winter. It will last much longer this way. Then, inspect decks, patios and railings to make sure the wood is not damaged. If it is, take the time to fix it now so it will be ready to use in the spring. Turn off outside water taps and put away garden hoses. To prevent hoses from cracking, take the time to drain all the water out. As you go around the house, check the foundations for cracks or holes. Do the same for windows and doors.

fall decor

Weather-stripping is a good way to keep the heat in your house, save on heating costs, and prevent critters from getting inside your house. House maintenance experts suggests caulking around windows and doors and using cement to fill holes and cracks in foundations. Don’t forget to clean the eavestroughs as they quickly fill up with dead leaves.

If you think mice caught you off guard and have already invaded your house, don’t wait too long before you contact your local pest control services. Once they move in, these rodents almost never leave on their own and their colony can grow rapidly to more than 200 individuals in only a few months. Fall is their favorite time to enter your house as the temperature begins to drop and they are looking for a comfortable, warm place for winter. Their bodies are so flexible that they can come in through holes much smaller than they are. Professionals highly recommend sealing all holes and cracks, so this step is worth repeating.

Inside your house, change your furnace filters and vacuum air vents. As your furnace begins to work, this will prevent pushing out dust to the entire house. You may want to check on the plumbing as well, ensuring that pipes are insulated, especially if they are near exterior walls or under the house. Make sure the sump pump works well and drains properly. Find reviews of the best quality sump pump here. 

Next, and if you are not too exhausted from all your hard work, use some colorful dead leaves, pine cones and branches to create a beautiful fall wreath for your front door. It will go perfectly with your carved pumpkins on the front step. Finally, put your feet up and enjoy a delicious cup of pumpkin spice tea.



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