4 Unusual Ways To Make Your Home More Livable

September 3, 2017

Our homes are our pride and joy and it’s likely that you want improve your living space to make living there much more pleasurable. In this article is going to be some unusual suggestions on how to improve your home to make it more livable.

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  1. Windows and doors
    Ensuring that you take care of your windows and doors at least once a year will prevent them from deteriorating through wear and tear of the weather. If your doors are letting a draught in, buying a simple $10 rubber draught-excluder and fixing it to your door will keep the heat in, and make sure the cold stays out.

    The same goes for your windows. If you haven’t already got double glazing in your home, it’s definitely worth investing the money into getting them installed. Over time they will pay for themselves because of the amount you will save on your heating bill. If you have already got double glazing, making sure that the integrity of the window panes are still as strong as ever once in awhile will save you money. If you find a gap in one of your window panes it will be much cheaper to seal it than to have to pay for a whole new window.


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  2. Air conditioning
    Whether or not you live in a hot climate, having an air conditioning unit in your home will make the world of difference to how you live. Rather than being sat fanning yourself because of the heat, you can simply flick a switch and enjoy some cool air in your home.

    Air conditioning doesn’t always have to be cool air either, and can actually bring many health benefits to you and your family such as killing off bacteria in the air and preventing illnesses. Such companies as Academy Air specializes in air conditioning and would be able to give you advice on what to buy for your home.
  3. Change the layout
    Often when you move into your home, you will choose a place for your furniture and that’s where it will stay. Consider trying to change it up a little to make your home easier to navigate around. For example, if you have a living/dining area, why not place the sofa with it’s back to the dining area so that you can easily distinguish which room is which. It will also create a more private space for when you’re sat at dinner with the family with no distractions from the living area.

Doing the same thing in other areas of your home will give you a sense of living somewhere new. Make sure you think about what the best layout would be for each room, even if the change around means a particular room doesn’t have as much space as before. If the room makes more sense as you enter it, the amount of space won’t matter as much; therefore you will be happier in your home.



If you’ve got many small rooms opposed to larger rooms in your home, consider knocking some walls down to create one or two larger rooms. Of course, you will need to check that it won’t affect the structural integrity of your home, but it would be a great way of making the most of the space in your home. This is a good idea for those that have the extra rooms that aren’t really doing anything functional for the house, knocking them into another room and creating somewhere that everyone is going to spend time is will be worth the time, effort, and money.

4. Storage
Building or buying storage space for your home to put the belongings that aren’t used very much in will completely change how your home looks. Getting rid of clutter in your home also promotes creativity and helps you think straighter too. Also, giving all of your belongings a particular place to be will make it easier when it comes to tidying up.

Another angle to look at your storage space, is to look at your current cupboard doors. Your kitchen for example, if the cupboard doors are misaligned then simply straightening them out will improve the way they look immediately. Broken or hard to open cupboards should be replaced to make your life easier.

Having plenty of storage available in your home will also increase the market value of it if you ever decided to sell your home.

Try applying these changes to your home today to make your house more liveable.


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