Garage Door DIY Improvement Ideas

August 12, 2017

Sometimes all what you need to improve the look of your house is a little bit of creativity. Garage doors play an important role in curb appeal and today in collaboration with GDS I have collected these awesome ideas on how you can make little changes that will result in greater look of your house exterior:

 Build a pergola

This awesome feature above your garage door will not cost much and will instantly transform the overall look of your home. Natural wood will create more rustic, authentic feel, alternatively you can paint it in white or some bold color – pink, red, yellow, green. Paired with same color door it will become a beautiful focal point.


Paint is one of the most favorite tools of DIY enthusiasts. It is inexpensive and quick way to renovate and uplift the look of your garage door. Opt for some cheerful and unusual colors – your neighbors will be oohing and aahing:

Flower beds 

If you love gardening one of the easy though time consuming projects you might undertake is building flower beds on both sides of your garage entrance. This not only looks beautiful but also will add privacy to your property.

Climbing plants

This is perhaps the easiest way to transform the look of your garage. Some of them are very easy to maintain and grow really fast, while others are more capricious but are worth the effort because of their beauty. Popular choices include wisteria, clematis, fern, grape and bougainvillea.

Lighting – thinking about your garage improvement don’t forget about exterior lights. Opt for some cozy and original lighting fixtures that will create relaxing and calming ambience at night.

Faux wood carriage doors

I really loved this project made by Prodigal Pieces, where faux wood painted garage door  looks just like real:

I hope you liked these tips written in collaboration with GDS – garage door repair Sacramento company.

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