Kitchen Renovation: Smart Ways to a More Luxurious Home

August 10, 2017

When talking homes and interior design, nothing is more important than your kitchen. Say what you want on the importance of a fireplace in the living room or a Victorian bath tub with lion feet; it’s just not worth it unless you place it in the kitchen – which sounds kind of cozy, by the way. Unfortunately, nothing is as expensive as renovating a kitchen, and it’s hard to find that feeling of luxury without spending your entire life savings on it.

If it is time to up your kitchen game, have a look at these smart ideas on how to do it without eating up all your money.

kitchen renovation

Think about the light

If you’d like to make a massive difference to the way your home looks and feels without having to pay up too much, you should look towards the light. Those who are experts at interior design tend to say that light is like jewelry because it adds the finishing touches to a room – just like a beautiful necklace can do to you.

Besides from focusing on making the light bathe your room in a soft and calming color, you can change the light fixture to something dazzling and unexpected. It goes without saying that a chandelier can seriously lift a room from average to pristine, but you don’t have to spend much to achieve the look.

Opt for something unusual and eye-catching that gives your room a bit more personality than a regular old fixture.

Add some greenery

A healthy and lively kitchen is filled with homely aromas and green plants. They’re beautiful to look at and functional if you choose a few herb plants such as coriander or rosemary to keep on the windowsill. Hang the pots decoratively around the kitchen, place them on your countertops, and enjoy the look.

If you’re not the plant-nurturing type, you should consider a succulent or two rather than a flower that needs careful attention. They manage without water for a bit longer and won’t be as prone to temperature changes as other plants. Have a look at this article for some green inspiration and find the best spot for new and luxurious kitchen item.

Another way to make your kitchen look like it belongs to a successful adult is to keep bowls or citrus fruit on your countertops or island. It will make you happier as well, by the way, and lift the whole feeling of the room with its bright and vibrant colors. Interior design doesn’t have to cost more than a bag of lemons if you put your heart into it.

Keep your appliances up to date

The easiest and most cost-effective way to a fancy and expensive-looking kitchen is to avoid outdated appliances as well as maintaining the ones you have. A dishwasher that is never cleaned and mostly overloaded will break down a lot faster than one that is regularly cleaned and loved.

The same goes for your countertop appliances which should be shiny on the outside and clean on the inside. It’s not just for looks, even though this also speaks volumes, but it will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to call for a professional refrigerator repair when you want it the least.

Nothing says outdated kitchen like a broken-down oven or a dishwasher that only pulls half its weight as old leftovers clog the other half. Make your own cleaning detergent with vinegar and baking soda or just get one that’s meant for cleaning kitchen appliances.

Splurge a bit, save a bit

When your sense of style is thicker than your wallet, it’s a good idea to know what to spend on – and where you can easily get away with saving. Kitchen designers are all about the backsplash these days, and if you’re serious about getting the luxurious kitchen look you’ve been dreaming about, you need to spend a bit extra on this one.

Spending more than you intended doesn’t even mean that it’s going to be expensive; backsplashes cover a small area and won’t really require that much money to look fancy. Tiny subway tiles are quite popular and will give your space a different look since most tiles are bigger than these. Have a look at this article for more inspiration and trends, and consider DIY to save a bit extra.

Upping your kitchen game doesn’t have to cost you more than a weekend or two, and a trip to the shop to pick up a couple of plants. Add a touch of your personality with a few unusual items and enjoy the time you spend in there even more.

August 11, 2017 at 11:21 am

Wow! This is truly a smart idea to renovate kitchen to make it look luxurious. Thanks for sharing.

August 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm

I am completely in love with the 4th image!!
In our new house, the kitchen is awful. I can’t wait to decorate but my sense of style is DEFINITELY bigger than my wallet haha!


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