Leading Window Treatment Trends in 2017

August 8, 2017

Trends and fashions change with the times for every household product on the market. This is no different for window treatments, whether they are curtains, blinds, or another new kind of shade. Some designers have been working more closely with their manufacturer on the production side of the process to ensure that the final product is exactly what they envisioned before being distributed to wholesalers and retail stores. Many of the trends seem like opposites with some emphasizing nature while others have utilized technology for convenience and energy efficiency, but it is all done with the demands of the people in mind.

Solar Shades

These energy efficient shades sound futuristic, but they are very much a reality today. They are placed on a schedule that correlates with the ideal sunlight intake for the home. Most people opt to have them close during peak sunlight hours in order to reduce a greenhouse effect within the home. The motorized sun shades will still allow you to see the view outside and let diffused light in in order to illuminate the room without the piercing rays overheating it.

They also protect from harmful UV rays. By keeping the room cooler naturally, the cooling system has less work to do or is not necessary at all. It is important to reiterate that these shades are on a system and don’t require any work on the homeowner’s part to operate once they have been installed and programmed. This has all been designer with the consumer’s needs in mind.

Organic Materials

The past couple years has seen the rise of natural material based blinds and curtains. Linen has been a top pick for curtains while bamboo has been a leading choice as a blind material. They help to create a relaxing atmosphere within the room while their textures add another dimension to the overall look of the space.

Their neutral tones also make them a classic choice that will still match even if the walls are painted another colour or new furniture is brought in. They are perfect for living rooms and studies as they can easily be used to let some light in while providing privacy from the outside world.

Automated Window Coverings

This term is used to describe a wide range of unique and fashionable blinds and curtains. What they all have in common though is they respond to a remote control. This is ideal for rooms with multiple or large windows. It makes the process of raising and lowering the blinds significantly easier. The battery life is long lasting and they do not require any maintenance once they have been installed.

Automated window coverings are also child friendly products. They do not have the cords typically used to operate blinds and covering, removing a potential hazard for children playing in the area. There are a number of different styles, materials, and fun patterns available for these coverings. Look into bright colours or even botanical prints. Both have been very popular this year.


Once associated with a bygone era and old farmhouses, shutters have been making a comeback in a serious way the past couple years. They are a practical choice for a bedroom, literally “shutting” out any light pollution that come from the street. They allow homeowners to fully create a relaxing retreat at home so that they can shut out the rest of the world when they need to. Shutters are perfect for light sleepers who are easily woken up in the middle of the night, doing their part to ensure everyone gets a good night of sleep. More and more options are now available with retailers for those looking into shutters due to the increasing demand.

Both wholesalers and manufacturers are listening to their customers and working to supply in-demand window products. These are some of the most popular products on the markets due to their efficiency, environmental benefits, and aesthetics. Their growing popularity is no surprise, and luckily they are easy to find through wholesalers. Elite Window Fashions website is a good place for homeowners to go to find the perfect window coverings for their home. It will also point them in the direction of retailer who carries the product.

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