How To Care For Stone Benchtops

August 7, 2017

Stone benchtops not only look classy and unique but it also adds a contemporary feel to your kitchen. Stone benchtops are durable and versatile without any doubts, but they need proper maintenance and care to help them last long. These benchtops are prone to scratches and breakage which can be a bummer in the decor of your kitchen. When we talk about the maintenance and care for cheap stone benchtops, they are certainly not rocket science. Read on to know more about some basic tips to help keep your benchtop in good conditions for the long haul.

  1. Marble care – Marble benchtops are fragile and delicate which require proper care. They are prone to scratches and stains and should be cleaned with hot water and clean cloth on a regular basis. Use mats to cover the marble tops to prevent it from staining and in case you observe a stain, wash it immediately with hot water or detergent water and cloth. Avoid direct heat contacts with the stone by using coasters to put your hot utensils. Soap water can deteriorate the quality of the stone so avoid using it in any form.

  1. Granite care – Granite is a durable material which requires minimal care to help it last longer, and unlike marble, soap is not harmful to granite. Granite professional cleaners or hot soapy water along with a clean cloth make the perfect cleaning kit for granites. Steel scrubs can also be used to clean the food residue or other stains from the benchtop. Granite is heat and scratch resistant which makes a fantastic benchtop option for people with kids and pets. Hot utensils can be placed directly on it but hot saucepans or heavier utensils can crack the surface, so be careful. Oil stains the surface so avoid any contact.

  1. Pacific quartz – This material is highly stain resistant against any item that comes in your mind but if you notice a stain, then use any cleaning solution followed by hot water and a soft cloth to wipe off the stain. However, prolonged contact with chemical solvents can permanently damage the surface of Pacific quartz so make sure that you don’t use any strong solution. This material is also excellent in scratch resistance as knife use or drops also doesn’t affect its surface. To prevent any damage highly increased temperature on the surface, use insulation pads or place mats.

  1. Caesarstone care – One of the most popular quartz materials, Caesarstone benchtops provide excellent quality and numerous designs at affordable prices. It requires minimal maintenance, and for regular cleaning purpose, soapy water and a clean cloth can be used. In case of any solid food residue or any other debris, scraping it with a sharp instrument like knife followed by a thorough cleaning with a detergent water and damp cloth seems to be a useful trick to clean the surface. Its surface is shiny and glossy, so it doesn’t require any polishing or sealing. Like Pacific quartz, chemical solvents are the biggest enemies of Caesarstone therefore only mild detergents and solved should be used for cleaning purposes.

Benchtop defines your kitchen with its presence, and it is the prime space where all the cooking and cutting takes place. While selecting a benchtop, it is imperative that you keep your home environment and needs in mind. Cheap stone benchtops are quite popular because of the combination of high quality and brilliant looks that it provides to the owner. Proper care will not only protect the stone from damage but it will also last longer and will serve as a significant investment.


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