Solutions to 5 Common Interior Decorating Mistakes

August 6, 2017

A common problem with interior decorations is that what may seem like a good idea at the time may often start to feel like a mistake down the line. In fact, it’s actually quite natural to get bored of seeing the same décor for years and you may need to change things up every once in a while to keep it fresh. However, there are also some mistakes that occur from the beginning and we will cover some of them here, along with the solutions.

When You Have Too Many Photos

Photos hold sentimental value and those that love having them around often end up having too many on the tables and the walls. The solution to this photo clutter is to setup a dedicated gallery wall with an accompanying table below it. You can showcase a good number of pictures here, and if you still have more, then you can always periodically switch them with the ones that are currently placed there.

Wrong Lighting

The bedroom is too bright and the living room is too dim or the fancy chandelier just doesn’t go with the minimalist décor of your home, or maybe the bed lamp is far too bright for a bedroom. Lighting mistakes are common and innumerable.

One of the easiest solutions to most lighting problems is the dimmer switch. Your ability to control the brightness of your lights makes a huge difference in mood and your electricity bills. If you feel you need to switch out some of the lights which just don’t go with what you have in mind, you will find everything you need on Just attend to one room at a time and the transition should be much easier and way more effective.

Everything Should NOT Match

Contrary to our first instinct, which leads us to make the mistake in the first place, everything in a room is not supposed to match. Matching everything may make your home look like something right out of a furniture ad, but it is a big interior design mistake. The solution is to match things in theme but also to add a bit of contrasting color to the mix for variety, life, and that personal touch.

The Furniture is Too Big

Showrooms are deceptively large, so you need to be extra careful not to pick up furniture that’s too big for your home. It’s best to be sure about your measurements in this scenario, but just in case you can’t be sure for some reason, remember to buy smaller items because it’s a relatively safer bet.

The Fake Flowers Don’t look Nice, Not Really

This is, of course, a matter of personal preference, but why choose to display a bunch of fake flowers when you can instead place a fruit centerpiece instead? It’s functional and looks so much better. Natural flowers are a matter of controversy for a number of reasons and they are expensive, not to mention they need replacing every few days. Curvy willow or dried bamboo stalks also make for excellent showpieces.

The general idea behind it all is to strike a balance between fashion, functionality, and personal touch. You may still make mistakes, but if you concentrate on keeping things balanced, chances are that it can be easily solved if and when required.

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