Easier Than You Think: 7 Luxury Features For Your Home

August 3, 2017

There are some home features that we think of as something for the rich and famous. Who can really afford to have a home cinema? And who has the space for a tennis court? But as it turns out it’s actually easier than ever to have some of the ultimate luxury features put into your home. Let’s have a look at seven of the most impressive additions to your property and examine how you can achieve them in your home.

Swimming pool

A home swimming pool is one of the ultimate symbols of luxury. However, for many people, the cost and challenges of having one constructed made it impractical to ever consider having one. But new technology has made it easier than ever to have a pool installed. For example, check these stunning Riverina fibreglass swimming pools.  

Cutting edge swimming pool designers Compass Pools use a special system to get the pool built quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. Rather than being built with concrete and then lined, these pools are created as a one-piece ceramic composite shell which can they be lowered directly into an excavated hole. This means that the task of getting the pool built can be accomplished in weeks rather than months, and is much cheaper too.

Walk-in wardrobe

The term ‘walk-in wardrobe’ brings to mind the celebrity mansions with their 1,000 pairs of shoes. And while we might all like to have this kind of storage space, most people assume that if they don’t have an enormous bedroom, this is something that they can never achieve in their home.

walk in wardrobe

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It’s often easier than you think to have a walk-in wardrobe installed. There are many companies that specialise in custom furniture design, so you can relatively easily have a large wardrobe constructed that kits perfectly within the space of your bedroom. This means that even if your bedroom isn’t the largest, you can have something constructed.

Wine cellar

For wine connoisseurs, perhaps the ultimate home feature is a wine cellar. But the whole concept is plagued by something of a misnomer: wine cellars don’t need to be in a cellar. The idea is to keep your wine at an optimal temperature and humidity to stop it spoiling or losing flavour. This means maintaining a temperature of around 13 degrees. So just putting your wine in a room below the house that should be cooler than the rest of the property, is not really what you want.

You need a temperature-controlled environment, ideally with regulated humidity levels as well. So ultimately, your wine ‘cellar’ can be created in any part of the house. It is becoming increasingly popular to see people turning their garage into wine storage.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are something you might think would be confined to parts of the world with plenty of days of sunshine. But in the UK there is a growing trend towards high quality outdoor cooking, from American-style smokers to wood-fired pizza ovens. This is something that you can accomplish easily too, whether you’re looking to add a food preparation area, a sink or drink storage. It’ll go very nicely with that brand new pool.

Home theatre

There’s something special about watching a movie on a big screen. If you’ve got a space that can be converted into a home theatre, it’s something very simple that almost anyone can do. Installing a projector is now cheaper and easier than ever, then you simply need to add a projector screen.

home cinema

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Now you can fill out the home theatre with high quality décor and surround sound for the authentic cinema experience. The whole setup can be easily accomplished for less than £10,000. And will add significant value to your home.

Tennis court

Many homeowners assume that they simply don’t have the available space for a home tennis court. Indeed if you ask the LTA, they’ll tell you a full size court will require 120 feet of length and 60 feet of width. But unless you’re going to be playing tournament level tennis, there is often no need to have a court space this large. In fact many tennis court builders will be happy to build with closer to 100 feet in length and 50 feet in width.

Spa bathroom

It’s now possible to add amazing spa features to your bathroom with relative ease. If you’ve got the space you can add sauna areas and ultra-large bathtubs, but if you’re limited there are still plenty of features you can put in such as head to toe shower jets and foot baths.  

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