How to Rank on Houzz and Grow Your Interior Design Business

July 30, 2017

If you are professional interior designer you are probably familiar with Houzz – professional directory for construction industry as well as image based search engine. It can be a wonderful tool to grow your interior design business and find new clients but not everyone is using at it full potential.

how to rank on houzz

In this post I want to share with you several tips that will help you to rank higher on

  1. Complete your profile. You need to make sure that you fill in all the categories created by this platform to provide information about you and your services, such as:
  • General overview
  • Service provided
  • Area served
  • Certification and Awards
  • Contact information & website

If you leave empty any of those you will loose the points that Houzz gives you to rank your profile higher. When you describe your business make sure to use area keywords – especially if you practice in specific neighborhood.

2. Upload as many photos as possible to your projects section. Make sure that these are high quality pictures – high resolutions images have more chances to end up on home idea page which is a great spot to be found by potential clients (if you don’t have images of the finished spaces which are preferable by Houzz, you can start uploading high resolution renderings of your projects).

3. Get reviews. For beginner interior designers it might be difficult to get them from the start however it is really important to have them as they weight as much as 20% to your profile worth. Consider asking for reviews professionals that you have worked with – architects, builders, photographers, etc. Houzz also allows you to send a formal review request to your clients.

4. Add detailed description to every image. Fill all the fields of the description – name, category, style, size, budget, keywords – this will help Houzz to search your image in front of the others. Use at least 20 keywords for every image.

5. Create idea books and include your own images in them.

6. Pitch stories to the Houzz writers featuring your new projects. If you don’t have their contacts check out the recent posts: usually articles published on Houzz contain emails of the editors.

7. Write your own articles for Houzz and send them for publications.

8. Answer questions from users about your images. This will make your photo get featured in the forum section and you will get more attention from other houzz users.

9. Embed houzz photos on your blog – this will automatically direct readers to your Houzz profile when they click on them (for every image Houzz provides an embed html code so all what you need to do is to copy and paste it in your post).

10. Add a Houzz badge to your website.

Hope these tips were helpful and you can find out about more effective marketing tools in my eBook called Marketing for interior designers. First year in business: 23 effective ways to acquire new clients.

Marketing for interior designers

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