The Simple Steps to a Stylish Living Room

July 27, 2017

You probably spend a lot of time in your living room alone and with guests, so it makes sense to focus your interior design skills on this space.

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Having a living room that’s simple, stylish and sophisticated will ensure that you’re never embarrassed about bringing guests back or brought down by dowdy décor, but how do you achieve a stylish living room? With these simple steps, that’s how!

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are perfect in the living room because they look good, they’re easy to clean, and you can spice them up with a bold rug. So, if you currently have carpet, your first step should be, if you are able, to lift it up and expose those floorboards. Then, go pick out a pretty Rug. Use that rug to not only add some style but also to establish a focal point around which you can arrange your seating for added comfort.

Think About Furniture Layout

Next, you need to look at all of the furniture you have. Ideally, if you’re going for a solid sophisticated look, you should have furniture which is neutral and made from solid wood, like these designer sideboards, but not every piece should match completely – that’s boring. Now, look at the room. Think about where each piece will fit, so that you have plenty of space to move around, furniture isn’t too crowded, and you’re able to achieve a space with some flow to it. Keep as much of the room’s center free as possible for a stylish, uncluttered look.

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Add Some Personality

Many people think that, in order to create a sophisticated living room, they must keep the décor as neutral and depersonalized as possible, but you don’t have to be a minimalist to be sophisticated. In fact, a few well-placed antique tables or lamps, or a few of your favorite art prints sprinkles around the room will add a greater level of style and sophistication than a room totally devoid of anything personal. The key is to spread your personal artefacts out and avoid slipping into hoarder mode.

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Take Time to add Textures

The living room should be a comfortable and attractive room, and that means that it should be tactile. Adding lots of different textures helps to make a room look more expensive and feel, cozier, so don’t be afraid to throw in lots of decorative pillows, chunky knit throws, blankets, and thick, luxurious drapes – it will make the space feel more like home and add an extra layer of style.

stylish living room

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Add Some Curves

Adding a few pieces of curved furniture will help to soften the room a bit, and the contrast between the stark, bold lines of the bookcase and the soft curves of the couch will create a pleasing contrast that helps to make the living room look more stylized than before.

stylish living room

Group in Threes

Whether it’s vases, table nests or candles, for some reason, grouping furniture and accessories into threes is extremely pleasing to the eye. A lot of people go for an even number, but that just doesn’t look quite as balanced somehow. So, buy in threes for a better looking living room!

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