A Fabulous Facade – Why Home Staging is Important in Real Estate

July 9, 2017

Your home is on the market, and you want to know how to make it the most appealing as possible to potential buyers.  You spend some money on landscaping, you bake cookies to give it that homely feel.  But are you staging your home?   If not, you need to.

Prospective buyers aren’t just looking for a structure to live in, and they may not be looking for your style of decor.  Staging a home creates that “oh wow” moment for buyers so that all their dreams of home-owning are realised the second they walk into your house.  Feeling overwhelmed on where to begin?  Fear not my home-selling friend, I am here to give you some tips on staging your home to ensure a speedy sale.

1)   Seek Guidance

If that intro paragraph made your heart race a bit, don’t worry, you help is available.   Maybe “cozy home-making” is not your specialty, or maybe you just don’t have the time to give your house that extra touch.  Whatever the reason, property styling puts the decision making in expert hands.   A reputable styling company will turn any house into a high end, classy and appealing home.   Styling your home is an integral part of the selling process in this highly competitive market,  so don’t be shy, reach out to someone who knows this area.

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2)   Lighting

A styling company will do most of the work.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help the sale process along.  Ambient lighting, appropriate wattage, and purposefully placed candles will transform the feel of your house.   Reading lights highlighting a feature arm chair, bedside tables that match throw pillows, and strategically placed candles will make your home seem irresistible. home staging

3)   Incorporate Nature

A plant may go seemingly unnoticed in a corner, but the subtle impact these bits of nature have on a person are significant.  Indoor plants create a calming effect and also act as a natural air filter leaving your home with a fresh air feel even if all the windows are closed.   Would you believe that a little plant in the corner can actually reduce toxins by 85 percent!

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4)   Sell the seasons

Christmas decorations or the perfect Summer wreath can be far more impactful than just creating that warm and fuzzy feeling.  Prospective home buyers are looking for just that, a home.  Adding small yet impactful touches like seasonal decorations can be just the touch needed to seal the deal.

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5)    Curb Appeal

That “I have to have this house”  feeling starts far before the buyer steps foot into the house.  Attractive and well maintained landscaping can add as much as 10% to the value of your home.  If your house looks fab but your yard needs a facelift, you may find yourself in the real estate game longer than you anticipated.  Throw in a small veggie garden and the buyer can immediately imagine him/herself cooking in your kitchen!

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Selling your home comes with a whole range of emotions.

Excitement, fear, confusion and stress may all be a part of the process.  One way to decrease some of the more negative emotions is to delegate the task of property styling to the experts, then tackle the smaller tasks on your own. After hiring some experts, work your way through this list any maybe by the time you get to the end your house will already be sold!

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