Using Music To Decorate Your Home

July 7, 2017

There are so many trends going around currently in the interior design world. Minimalism is going strong, coupled with neutral colours such as white and grey making appearances in every glossy magazine relating to this. Indoor plants are currently at the top of the list of accessories to buy to bring the outside in, and mismatching prints and shapes are the height of fashion. So for those who want to bring a little bit more of our personality into the mixture, how do we do that? Music is a good start. There is so much to explore that we can use towards making our house a home.

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The Instruments
There are thousands and thousands of instruments in the world. Some of them make their way into our households as regular items, such as guitars. Others stay put – you’d be hard pressed getting a pipe-organ into your home. But as well as looking at the practical uses of them, we should also look at the physical appearances. Some of these music-makers are pure works of art. Pianos especially come in all shapes and sizes and can be really altered to your tastes.

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There are so many old models that are up for sale or free on sites such as GumTree, and there are piano movers available to get them to you and positioned in your home. The ones that are made out of wood have been remodelled and done up, given a paint job in order to get them to truly stand out as a centrepiece in the room of your choice. There are some examples on Pinterest which may be able to give you a good idea of what to expect, and the results are nothing short of fantastic.
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The Sheet Music

There’s nothing that’s more sentimental and gorgeous to look at than a piece of original sheet music framed and on the wall. This could be the music to your first dance, your favourite song as a child or even just something that you fancy listening to currently. The way that the notes move up and down the stave offer an interesting break to the traditional lines and curves that you will see around a room. This is a DIY job which can easily be done, but if you fancy having a look around for those who have truly invested their time into creating a masterpiece with sheet music, Etsy is definitely the place to go.
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The Icons

We all have singers and bands that we look up to. Icons such as Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger have carved the way for many. Some have taken to having murals of their favourite musical prodigies in their home which can make for an effective wall piece. Others simply choose to take iconic performances and put them into poster form, ready to take centre stage yet again – just in your home. You don’t just have to stick to one, either. Let your personality shine through as you build up your music taste in each room.

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