5 Ways to Use Wood in Your Garden

June 25, 2017

Wood is such a versatile material, but it’s rarely found in our gardens. There are so many creative things you can do with wood outdoors but many people avoid it, thinking you have to have carpentry skills to make a success of it. You never know until you try, right? Adding wood into the garden can really give your space the wow factor. So, if you’re interested in how you can use wood in your garden, read on.

Mini Bridge

If you’ve got a fish pond in your garden, you can add character to it by creating a mini bridge. It may not be something you want to attempt doing yourself, but there are plenty of carpenters out there who could do the job quickly and easily. If you have young children, it’s double the fun for them. You could make the bridge big enough for them to walk across, or if you want it smaller, it’s still big enough for children to walk their toys over. It’s hours of fun in one simple wooden design.

Picnic Table

A simple picnic table is easy to build, even without prior experience of wood work. Whether you use shop bought wood or salvage wood from somewhere to create a bespoke design, as long as the wood is strong, you’ll have no trouble putting it together. When it comes to treating the wood, pure tung makes the best wood oil. It has been FDA approved for food contact so it’s ideal for painting onto survives like picnic tables where food is likely to be. If you have visitors over and you dine in the garden, they’re sure to notice the creativity that went into the table.

Vegetable Patch

When you plant vegetables or fruit in the garden, it’s best that they have their own space, away from flowers or weeds. That’s because vegetables consume a lot of space under ground and other plants can interfere with how they grow. Using wooden pallets is the ideal way of creating a space specifically for growing veg. Dig the ground so you can place the pallet a few inches into the dirt and then prepare the dirt within the pallet for planting.

A Garden Bench

A wooden bench is a lovely addition to any garden. Whether you test your hands at making your own or have a bench specially made, it’s sure to take pride of place. Many families find that benches are ideal dedications to loved ones that have passed away. Sitting on the bench is a perfect place for reflecting on good memories and plaques can be easily attached to them with favourite quotes or song lyrics.

wood in your garden


If you’re particularly skilled at carpentry, why not have a go at carving something bespoke? Whether it’s an animal, a flower or something personal to you, you’ll have something truly unique in your garden. It can really bring life to a mundane space. Just be careful; as soon as people see it you’re sure to get requests for more.


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