Top 7 Best Tools That You Need For Home Renovation

June 6, 2017

If you are planning to renovate your house, then you must have some important tools for the renovation and makeover of your house. You must have best lineman plier as it is a versatile tool.

First, you need to have some idea what exactly you want to do. There is one online app “Mark on call app” that gives you the idea about the changes has to be done. You can upload the picture of your home and can customize them accordingly.

best tools renovation

While deciding on the kind of flooring and color, you can easily check the visual impact of flooring. Upload the snaps from your desktop or mobile. Place different fixtures, rugs, furniture and other artworks that are stored in an app. You can easily get the idea of how to go for renovation.

Basic Tools Required

  • Oscillating Tool

They are becoming very popular among all the power tools.

  • Every person must possess this tool.
  • It can cut the wood, wall, and metal.
  • It is used to scrape the paint.
  • It can perform the other functions like – sand, grind, and removal of grout.
  • Cordless oscillating tool– It has a lot of power, comes with battery fuel gauge. You can work at variable speed.
  • It can be used to scrape paint of your car bumper, trim wall, etc.
  • It works on small and fast vibrations
  • Vibrations powered a wide range of interchangeable accessories.


  • Driver

It is used to drive screws.

best tools renovation

  • Lithium Ion Driver – Light in weight and can hold the charge for 18 months.
  • You can drive 100 screws on one charge.
  • They can easily get fit into the tight spots like drawers, replacement of slides.
  • 12 V cordless screwdrivers – It has a light weight motor and compact 12 V Lithium-ion battery.
  • It can be used on the one hand.
  • Flat battery design makes it easy to stand upright.
  • Compact impact driver – It is quite durable.
  • They are used to makes flat furniture.
  • They can tighten stubborn bolts.
  • It has a battery fuel gauge and LED light.
  • The highest speed is 2600 RPM.


  • Pliers

An electrician uses it for cutting electric cables and wires. Diagonal pliers are best lineman pliers that are used for trimming cable sheath, cutting old rusty nails, screws, and clips.

best tools renovation

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  • Saw

You can make fast and precise crosscuts and angled cuts. It is used for wood work projects.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Reciprocating saw – It is the king of demolition work.
  • It can easily cut the wood, wall, tubing, metals, etc.
  • Pick the specialty blades for removing grout and pruning trees.
  • Jigsaw – If you love to work manually, it is must to have in your toolkit.
  • This cordless version is very powerful.
  • Circular saw – It is used for quick ripping power and space is less.
  • They are used to build deck, homes, and sheds.
  • A top circular saw can cut with precision.

It has three parts – compressor, hose, and brad gun.

  • Gun is used to tack together pieces of wood, for installing and molding, furniture repairs and Hanging paneling
  • Gun makes the nailing very fast
  • Nail heads are invisible
  • You can perform various wood – working projects like kitchen roll-outs, bookcase, and cabinets
  • It cuts down at a very fast pace.
  • Also, the blowgun can be attached to the air hose to clean the workbench.

  • Cat’s Paw

It is a versatile multipurpose tool.

  • It acts as a crowbar that pulls the nail out.
  • Uses- Molding, trimming a wall and light demolition work.
  • It can easily pull the nails that are buried in the wood.
  • It comes in a lot of versions.
  • The most popular are- curved nail puller and flat pry surface.


  • Speed square

It is a must-have tool for construction work.

  • It is a perfect tool for marking lines on lumber.
  • It serves as a guide for cutting with a regular saw.
  • It is used for laying angles on rafters and stairs.
  • Buy a metal speed square as it has longer shelf life and does not break easily like the plastic ones.

P.S.: Check the stock of tools before starting the renovation of the home. It is must to have best lineman plier with other important tools.


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