How to Use Indoor Lighting to Bring Out the Best in Your House

June 2, 2017

Apart from the decoration and the furnishings, lighting is a vital part of the room. You want the rooms in your house to look warm and inviting, but they also have to be functional. Using lighting incorrectly can spoil all the hard work you put into the room.

Here are some ideas to help you use the lights in your home to the best of their ability, for working or resting.

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Task Lighting

In certain rooms, you want the lights to be directed to a particular place for work such as a kitchen or laundry room. You can use a variety of lamps to achieve this look, but in most cases, recessed lights or those that can be moved in different directions are the best. You can then have lower wattage lights in the rest of the room, so it does not become too bright.

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If you are thinking about lights for a study, then desk or floor lamps can offer the perfect solution. Again, they can be directed at the area you need, and you can use softer lighting for the rest of the room, ensuring the room does not become too harsh to look at.

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Soft Ambient Lighting

When it comes to the lounge or sitting room, you want to have a nice inviting feeling that encourages relaxation and calm. If you use lights that are too bright, it can spoil this atmosphere and make the room uninviting.

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By using floor lamps or recessed wall lights, you can have a soft low wattage bulb to give a warm glow. There are companies such as that have many types of lamps and lighting that would be hugely effective in family and lounge rooms; therefore, you won’t have any issues picking out the perfect light that best suits you.

Accent Lighting

There may be certain features in a room that you want to highlight, and by using a gentle light in the area, you can create some character. It could be an ornate ceiling or a bookcase containing old traditional works. For this, you can choose accent lighting to illuminate the area without it being too overpowering. Some people use such lighting to light dark areas and arches to good effect.

You need to be subtle, however, because using too much light, even softly, can become too much.

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Wall Fixtures

If you have an older house, then you may have wall lights that were fitted when the house was first built. These can be modernized to give a beautiful softer light, which is much more pleasant than using the main light in the room. People in newer homes are now choosing to add these lights, such as those at diydoctor, as a way of creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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You can use lighting in some ways to create the mood you want in the room. Uplighters were an attractive addition. However, they are not always a good choice for a sitting room or study.

You can also use concealed lighting in kitchens under the wall cupboards to give you an even light source when cooking on the worktop.


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