Sleep Tight With These Practical Bedroom Changes

May 29, 2017

Most bedroom renovations involve things such as changing the curtains, switching out the bed frame and adding more pictures to the walls. While these add brilliant style and colour to your bedroom, they’re also expensive and not as functional as something like adding lights or more pillows. As much as design is appreciated, you should never sacrifice practicality for the sake of looking great—that’s probably the number one mistake in any design-related job!

bedroom changes

So what are some excellent ways to sleep tight? Practical bedroom changes, of course! Here are just a couple to get you in the mood to overhaul your bedroom so you can sleep better, not just prettier.

bedroom changes

Ceiling Fans

With the summer season upon us, there’s never been a better time to install a ceiling fan. Though they can be quite large and unsightly, they fit perfectly in any modern or contemporary decor arrangement assuming the colours match. Thankfully, they can easily be painted over. They don’t require much electricity to run, making them great frugal choices for people on a budget and they help you keep your bedroom nice and cool for when you go to bed.

bedroom changes

Mattress Change

Although our mattresses are usually covered up by bed linen and sheets, they can be the main reason why we’re not getting much sleep at night. Your body lays on the mattress for a good 7-8 hours a night, so you better make it comfortable. On, you’ll find a variety of different articles relating purely to mattresses. With so many different types, it can be difficult choosing the right one for your needs and your budget, so try to get something that fits your needs.

Hushed Lighting

Lights are important in any room, but having them too bright can negatively affect your room’s colour balance. Dimmed and coloured lights can add a wonderful relaxing mood to your bedroom. This can help you get in the mood for some shut-eye and if you set them on an automatic timer, they can start up and shut off whenever you see fit. Lighting can be a complicated subject because it can mess with the colour of paints and decor in your bedroom, so make sure to experiment.

Beautiful Curtains

Curtains are usually drawn, but even then they have a presence in the room and they should not be neglected. One of the most useful things about curtains is that they also serve a purpose other than decor: they can block or let more light in! If you want to brighten up your room with natural light, consider getting some lighter or thinner curtains. If you don’t want the heat to get in, install some thick black curtains to contrast against the rest of your room and block out any unwanted solar rays.

Relaxing Flora
Lastly, we can’t forget about bedroom accessories like plants. Not only do plants add some lovely colour to your room, they can also help you sleep easier with their scents. Jasmine, for instance, is an exotic plant with a soothing scent that has been shown by a study to reduce anxiety levels, which ultimately results in better sleeping quality.


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