A Quick Cheat Sheet to Choosing the Perfect Rug for Every Flooring Style

May 17, 2017

Flooring is the focal point that brings style and function to space so when you’re choosing a rug, it is important to ensure that it complements the tone, texture and finish of the flooring style. Rugs bring warmth, colour, comfort, luxury, and character to living spaces while making it easy add some drama to a design concept.  Whether you are using a rug to divide a large hallway or to parade the artistic flair of tapestry across the living room, ease your quest for that perfect piece with these pro tips:

  • Pairing the Plush Comfort of Tiled Rugs with Beautiful Bamboo Flooring

No flooring can ever be too full to accommodate a fine-looking area rug with clean lines and captivating colors. With bamboo flooring back in style, now it the time to play with different tones and textures to suit different styles and tastes. Whether your design concept exudes a contemporary charm or an absolutely unconventional appeal, tiled rugs are the answer to every inspiration.

  • Leveraging the Uniqueness of Lasered Rugs to Enhance the Appeal of Hardwood Floors

The antique allure of hardwood flooring makes it a highly sought after option for every interior style whether it is traditional, transitional, modern or minimalist. The natural weathering patterns and distinctive bold hues of hardwood floors can be further enhanced by the graceful curves and earthy contrasts of lasered rugs.  Blending style and luxury with tradition and art, lasered make a perfect pick for all types of timber floors – from herringbone and chevron to driftwood and oak.

  • Teaming Up the Texture and Style of Cut-and-Loop Carpet with Classy Cowhide Rugs

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Trendy, sleek and stylish, cut-and-loop carpets offer a multitude of tones, hues and textures to match with different furniture styles and color palettes. Pair the plushness of carpet pile with a chic cowhide rug for a timeless charm.

  • Layering Lavish Laminate Floors with Artistic Jute Rugs for a Quirky Equation


Layering is the hottest landscaping trend of 2017 as it beautifully blends luxury and comfort. Match the fascinating colors and captivating finishes of laminate floors with the warm richness and artistic magnificence of jute rugs for a stunning appeal. A perfectly layered look can dramatically enhance the attractiveness of trendy laminate floors.  

  • Adding a Pop of Pizzaz to Polished Stone Flooring with Patterned Rugs


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From muted quartz to subtle greys, stone flooring offers an endless array of soothing styles and rich textures for a striking finish. Balance the opulence and functionality of stone flooring with boldly patterned rugs that beautifully blend with changing interior trends and evolving tastes.

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With contrasting colours and beautiful patterns are woven into a single masterpiece, rugs make a perfect accessory for classic-looking floors that serve a focal point in every design concept. The dexterity, craftsmanship, and comfort of a rug can be efficiently used to express your unique style when striking a balance between functionality and fashion in any interior design style be it medieval, mid-century modern or minimalist.

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