Summer House Project by Zeta Interiors

May 10, 2017

Hello, friends!

In today’s post I want to share the recent project of my dear friend and very talented interior designer from UK – Zita Juskiene, owner of Zeta Interiors. She recently designed this lovely summer house, which I totally fell in love with. Here what she says about it:

“The inspiration for this project came from the client’s passion for history and travel. The brief was pretty simple. He wanted a comfortable place to relax; she wanted something cosy and warm. So I created them a little family get away… a place where they can escape the daily life and dive in to a mini adventure. I aimed to create something that would tickle their imagination and inspire to explore the world even further.
A coffee table, that converts to a dining table, and a snug sofa bed made this space practical and flexible, while warm colours and interesting Accessories made it feel very intimate.”

Zita has picked this eye-catching vintage map wallpaper which became the main feature of the room:
She then continued exploring the theme of travel with this amazing gallery of posters depicting colorful air balloons.
The color palette is very warm and relaxing. Subtle, tranquil colors: ochre yellow, browns and greys settle a very enjoyable and charming atmosphere. I imagine playing table games with friends or watching a movie with a glass of wine in this lovely space.
Industrial looking lights remind of romantic Victorian era and steampunk style:
Live plants and flowers added freshness and liveliness to the space:
Hope you enjoyed this house tour!
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