Some Useful Tips For Hiding Water Heater In your Home

April 15, 2017

Water heaters without any doubt are a must as far as our homes are concerned. They provide hot and pure water for various uses during the cruel winter months. However, there are a few things which must be kept in mind when installing a hide water heater. They could become a big eye sore and could spoil the overall aesthetics of your home. There is no point spending hundreds or even a few thousand dollars on your best tankless water heater if they become an eyesore for the home.

However, it is possible to find out ways and means by which you can conceal water heater and prevent it from being seen by the naked eye. But this has to be done carefully and without the disturbing the efficiency and functionality of these water heaters. Here are a few important points which if kept in mind could help in more ways than one.

Getting The Basics Right

It is important for you to get the basics right when it comes to hiding your water heater. You must have a permanent place for the same so that you can plan ahead and come out with the right plan for hiding it or concealing it. Before buying a water heater you must ask some basic questions.

This could include the size of the water heater, the capacity it is supposed to hold, the power connections which are required for it and much more. This will help you to come out with the right plan for keeping the water heater hidden from the naked eye without disturbing the efficiency or defeating the purpose for which it is being used.

Before building the house it is important to give a thought to this. Otherwise it would be a case of placing the cart before the horse and things could certainly become messy.

Using A Cloth Or A Pegboard Screen

If you look around you could come out with a number of options for hiding the water heater. In many cases you also could have a water softener which also could become unseemly and ugly. Hence your plan for concealing the water heater should be foolproof, practical and workable from the long term perspective.

You could even think of hanging a curtain or building a pegboard screen. However, in most cases these ideas are at best stopgap arrangements. You must therefore spend some time and come out with a more practical and permanent solution.

A Closet Could Do The Job
If you are looking for a cost effective yet effective way to hide your water heater you could choose to make a customized closet. This could be covered in shiplap so that it matches with the overall ambience of the walls.

While this could help serve the purpose there are many who believe that it could look artificial and deliberate. It could resemble a sneaky hiding space which children could use while playing. At the end of the day the job of hiding water heater should be in line with the overall home décor and there cannot be any compromise on this.

Opting For Tankless Heater
The next best option could be to go in for tank-less heater. Though they may not have the same storage as that of tanks, they could help camouflage the ugly looking tanks. They also would require putting up a cabinet door without which it will still continue to look bad. But it certainly is an option worth having a closer look. You could take inputs from many rinnai tankless water heater reviews to get a better perspective on this.

Keep It Outside the Home If Possible
The next best option would perhaps be to keep the water heater outside the home. This could be an expensive proposition but it could be worth being looked at seriously. You could choose a spot in the backyard or in the terrace where you could have these water heater installed.

You will certainly have to spend money on the piping and plumbing system, but once you have done it you would most certainly be making the kitchen or the bathroom a much better place in terms of looks. You also could be freeing up valuable space inside your home.

However, you will have to choose the right technology and must decide whether you want to go in for infrared sauna or traditional sauna. If you are planning for infrared sauna then it might not be possible to have the water heater situated your bathroom because of obvious reasons.

Try To Build It Inside The Walls If Possible
If you look at hotels and other commercial places you will certainly come across bathrooms which have the cleanest walls. But you could be surprised when you see hot water sprouting from the various faucets. This is possible because of having standalone water heaters built inside the walls and then having it connected with pipes and plumbing works.
However, this is done carefully to ensure that the heaters can be removed as and when necessary for repairs or even for replacement. This is done by carefully carving out a space in the wall for these water heaters. They could have camouflaged walls mounted on wooden doors and the finish is so wonderful that it would be impossible for the naked eye to find out that this is the place where the water heater has been fixed.
Hence if you look around you certainly would be able to come across many ways and means by which you can efficiently and professionally hide water heater and make the bathroom or kitchen presentable in terms of looks and aesthetics.

In your endeavor to do so, you have to keep certain things in mind. It has to be cost effective, practical and at the end of the day it should not undermine the efficiency of the performance of these water heaters failing which the main purpose of such camouflaging activities will get defeated.

There cannot be a straight jacket option that one could choose and it would depend on the specific needs and situations. It has to be done on a case to case basis and the pros and cons have to be evaluated carefully.

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