How To Decorate a Teenage Girl’s Room

March 30, 2017

Good evening friends!

I wanted to share with you today this amazing project done by my dear friend, a talented designer from London and owner of Zeta Interiors Studio.

When a little girl becomes a teenager it is always challenging for a designer to decorate her room – on one hand you still want the space to look girly, on the other it shouldn’t remind a doll’s house anymore. Let’s see how my friend sorted this out:

  1. First of all she introduced bright pink and purple to the scheme which made the whole room look very tender and feminine. At the same time black on the contrast gave it more serious and grown up look.
2. She used these cool bulls heads as accessories – what a funky way to give some colour to the empty walls! And I fell in love with this bag in the shape of a telephone.
3. Lots of flowers – both natural and artificial leave no doubt that the room belongs to a girl.
4. The workspace is very well organized and uncluttered. It has all essentials that a girl will need for her studies: comfortable chair and a desk, work lamp, weekly planner and of course pinboard to collect cool pictures and notes.
5. The work area is very functional – lots of shelves provide enough storage to keep all books and other belongings.
6. Some little but cute details can’t be neglected as they are the ones that make the overall look and feel of the room complete:
What do you guys think of this space? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.
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