Places To See In Moscow: Chambers Of Romanov Boyars

February 26, 2017

Hello, friends!

Today I have visited one amazing place in Moscow: if ever you come to our city, please don’t miss the opportunity to go for excursion to the Chambers of Romanov Boyars.

These chambers were built in the XV century and belonged to the grandfather of our Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. The building itself has some gothic features which are not really typical for Russian architecture.

Elegant tiled stoves as well as wooden flooring appeared in chambers after renovation made by famous architect Richter in XIX century. The main historic value of the chambers is their floor plan. Small rooms, thick walls, very low vaulted ceilings, narrow gloomy corridors and stairs – all this creates a complete feeling of immersion in the Moscow Middle Ages.

The most impressive room in the building is the dining room: vaulted ceilings are decorated with intricate floral patterns, the walls are covered with luxurious textiles.

The furniture styles were borrowed from Europe – for example, dining chairs could be referred to early English Baroque and Restoration period.

Next to the dining room there is a cabinet. It still has original leather wallpaper with gorgeous floral pattern on it. The windows are made of isinglass – cheaper alternative to the glass back then.

Jacobean style chair.

On the upper floor there are women’s chambers – men were usually not allowed to enter there without special permission. For example, an adult son living in a different house with his own family needed to ask permission to see his mother at least one day prior his visit. 

I fell in love with these beautiful tiled stoves – in every room they had different colour and design:

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