Marketing for Interior Designers: 23 Ways to Acquire New Clients

February 26, 2017

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

This week has been incredibly productive for me – I have finally published the book which I was writing since long time ago. Actually the book was written around a year ago but with my ongoing interior design projects it is only now I found the time to edit it and publish it. By the way if you need professional editing and proofreading services I strongly recommend Dawn Paczulla – she did an incredible job for me (please drop me email and I share her contacts with you).

Marketing for Interior Desingers

So before I talk about the book I want to share a little bit of the history behind it and how the idea of writing it came into my mind. Around 3 years ago I divorced with my husband and moved from Riga to Moscow. Back then I had completed only 3 modules with KLC and had zero experience as an interior designer. I had the greatest anxiety ever because I didn’t know what to do – come back to the corporate jobs and start getting regular salary and put my dream of becoming an interior designer on a shelf  for now or step into absolutely unknown water and become an individual entrepreneur. I didn’t even consider to become an assistant in any design firm as I didn’t have any experience, didn’t know CAD or any other skills they would require. Luckily I was able to find some freelance job as a writer for Russian Architectural Digest – this gave me very little money, but enough that I wouldn’t give up my intentions.

I strongly believed that my goal #1 is to finish the course as soon as possible (took me actually 2,5 years more) and get professional diploma and my goal #2 – in the meantime start to build my own interior design portfolio. Sounded like a cool idea but I had no idea where to get my 1st client – I resembled like a blind fish back then. However, I managed to find my first client within 1st month of all these crazy efforts. Since then I never had a day that I was sitting without a job – clients would recommend me to their friends, my publications in the magazines bring me new leads and these new leads again would lead to something.

Looking back then I realize that because of lack of experience I have done lots of errors and so many unnecessary moves in my marketing strategy. I am sure that many people who just start their own business experience the same.

So in this book that I am launching, I want to share the marketing strategy that was effective for me and describing 23 ways that helped in the beginning to find my first clients. Here are some of them:

  1. Create your website and make it effective
  2. Start your blog and here I am talking about all things you need to know about blogging
  3. Get featured on HOUZZ
  4. Facebook – how to make this platform work to bring you new clients

and 19 other effective tools! For example:

marketing for interior designers

marketing for interior designers

You will find all these marketing tools in the book. I will be excited to hear your feedback – so please share it in the comments after you read it.
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