History Of Styles Book Launch: Sneak Peek

February 17, 2017

Hey friends!

I am so excited to share with you the the launch of my first book. Those who follow my blog know that since the beginning I was writing History of Styles column where I explored various interior styles and their evolution.

Finally I was able to systemize all the research in one book:

History of Styles Book

I think in order to be a successful interior designer, it is essential to know about history of interior design, various trends, when they appeared and developed. I strongly believe that professional interior designer should be able to distinguish various interior styles (at least on the basic level). This book will help you to identify main historic styles from the first glance. Also it will become a solid background from which you can develop your own design ideas.

Here are the periods that were covered:

History of Styles Book

I know that in the modern word we are overwhelmed with information that we consume on the daily basis – various blogs, articles on Facebook, Reddit, Quora etc. and we hardly find time to read books, especially if they are more than 300 pages. That’s the reason I tried not to include any vague information, that will be irrelevant or not important.

Each chapter is divided into the following parts:

  1. Short description of the period and main historic and social events.
  2. Key people – famous designers and architects who made significant input in the development of style.
  3. Main features and characteristics of typical interior of that period (with illustrations)
  4. Examples of decorative objects (silver, glass, pottery, porcelain, textiles), window treatments.

In this book I focused mainly on two countries – France and England, since in 17th and 18th century they were the ones to establish trends that the rest of the world was following.

This book will be useful for all people who study interior design or want to want to learn more about various styles and their characteristics.

History of Styles Book History of Styles Book

History of Styles Book History of Styles Book History of Styles Book
For now the electronic version of this book is available and you can purchase it right here:

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