The Most Important Things In The Home According to Interior Designers

February 2, 2017

Now, the professionals aren’t too keen on sharing their inside trade secrets with the general public. But from time to time it is possible to get a precious nugget or two of interior design information that you can put to good use in your own home. Read on to find out more.


Window are a big deal in home design, and as such, they should be used to their full potential. They are not only a source of natural light but also help provide a flow between the inside and outside spaces.


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The best treatment of windows make the most of this by dressing them attractively with curtains and blinds. Which also gives the homeowner the option of privacy when they want it.

Large windows looking out onto an attractive view, or bays can be used as a successful focal point in a room too. That means the other items in the room, like furniture, can be arranged around it for maximum impact.  



Lighting is also something that interior designer are big on. Lighting is a necessity but is also a resource that can be manipulated to change the feel and look of space.

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For instance using bright, bold lighting can make a room perfect for doing activities like cooking, writing or drawing in. Whereas more subtle, low-level lights can create a more relaxed and cosy atmosphere of relaxation.


Doors are the unsung hero of interior design. They are in every room, and they work the best when they blend seamlessly into their surroundings. If a door sticks out, it is either a deliberate feature, or it’s not working right and needs to be fixed.

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The only exception to this rule, being the outer doors. These are a little different because you want ones that look great, and that are safe and secure such as these composite front doors.

Dressing the bed

Most interior designers will tell you, that when it comes to the bedroom, the things that can make the most difference, the fastest is dressing the bed properly. If you are currently rocking an old duvet cover, and mismatched pillow cases, then you are not getting it right.


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Instead give you bed a quick make over by using plain matching duvet and pillow case covers, with a high thread count. Accessories this with a thick, quilted throw in a luxury fabric, and set the whole thing off with throw pillows in complementary tones. It’s not hard to do, but it really can make all the difference.


Lastly, another interior design secret that you might find helpful is the idea of cohesion. This is the notion that everything works well together in a given space. This mean if you pick a certain style or era to decorate with, you should keep to this as much as possible throughout the whole property.

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This is especially important for small to medium size domestic properties. As, unless you have a huge areas with transitional spaces, going from one style into another, when you change rooms can be very jarring.


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