Kitchen Of 2017: Add These Amazing Features To Your Cooking Quarters

January 31, 2017

Now that it’s a new year, we are considering different updates we can do to our property. After all, now is the perfect time to give your home a lift, so that it stays as modern as possible. Not only will it help your humble abode be bang on-trend, but it will ensure the value of your property increases. One place, in particular, which might be ready for an update is your kitchen. And if you do want to improve your cooking quarters, here are some amazing features to add to bring the kitchen into 2017!

Go for an induction hob

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A feature which will definitely take your kitchen into 2017 is an induction hob. These are becoming increasingly popular due to their modern style. Not only is it quick to heat up and cook your delicious grub, but it uses less energy at the same time. So you might notice cheaper bills for your household. And they are said to be a lot safer for your family as they are not hot to touch.

Kitchen of 2017

Also, it can make cooking easier as there are so many different timers and cooking zones. It’s all touchscreen as well which will take you into the new century! Remember if you do get an induction hob, it’s wise to get new saucepans which will ensure you can use the hob to its full potential.

Opt for luxury countertops

kitchen of 2017

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2017 is definitely the year of style and luxury. And if you want to make your kitchen look expensive, one perfect way to do this is by updating your countertops. And you should go for a great material such as marble to bring a touch of style to your kitchen. As I said before, marble is one of the most luxury materials you can use in your kitchen.

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Therefore, you will definitely be adding some drama to your kitchen if you go for these. Just make sure you are careful when preparing and cooking food if you have marble countertops. They are not cheap; so you don’t want to ruin them after five minutes! And when it comes to kitchen remodeling, opt for a professional to fit the new countertops so that it looks amazing.

Go for an integrated microwave

You should also consider going for an integrated microwave to ensure your kitchen is as modern as possible. So many people are going for one of these in the cooking quarters as they are ultra modern and offer aesthetic appeal.

kitchen of 2017

After all, they can make the room look more polished and complete. And if you are short on space, having one built-in will ensure you don’t take up much room in the kitchen. Also, they can be looked on quite favorably when it’s time to sell. Just make sure you read the reviews first as it can be more difficult than a freestanding one to replace.

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And remember to add an iPad stand in the kitchen. That way, you can follow recipes on Youtube. And you can also play music or stream a movie while you are busy cooking!

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