Recent Project: Before and After

December 18, 2016

Good morning, my dear friends!

I want to share with you my recent decorating project. The apartment is located in the historic center of Moscow. It is a very old building and the flat was in terrible condition before renovating. Previous owners divided the living room into two little rooms, which made the whole space look very dark and gloomy.


Also they covered the vintage original fireplace with plasterboard (for some reason). Corner on the left is the fireplace:


Bedroom was painted in pinky colour, which looked very oppresive:


In the kitchen I didn’t like the backsplash and old cabinets in granny style:


The bathroom required change of tiles and all appliances:


I wanted to create tranquil, relaxing space and also preserve all historic elements, such as fireplace, parquet flooring and vintage solid wood furniture from the living room. I picked “French gray” colour for the living room walls and plain white for the bedroom and kitchen. Darker shade of gray we used for the entryway. The floors were renovated and covered with new layer of lacquer. The furniture was mainly purchased from Ikea. For decoration I used candles and fir tree branches, found in the nearby forest. adov7584-hdr adov7599-hdr adov7614-hdr adov7630-hdr adov7640-hdr adov7659-hdr adov7719-hdr adov7794-hdr adov7825-hdr


We moved vintage chest of drawers to the bedroom. I decorated window with plain linen curtains in charcoal colour.

adov7856-hdr adov7866-hdr adov7878-hdr adov7886-hdr adov7907-hdr adov7929-hdr

In the kitchen we replaced old cabinets and backsplash. Two vintage chairs and walnut table I found on garage sale. adov7951-hdr adov7956-hdr

adov7987-hdr adov7997-hdr adov8002-hdr

For the bathroom I picked plain square white tiles. We installed additional ceiling and wall lighting and it looks now more spacious and bright:

adov8021-hdr adov8046-hdr adov8051-hdr adov8062-hdr adov8116-hdr adov8162-hdr adov8168-hdrterior

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December 23, 2016 at 8:58 am

You really changed the whole look & feel of the house after renovation! Brilliant work!


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