8 Splurge-Worthy Fitouts For Your Office

October 20, 2016

Are you still an office space that has cubicles like the monotonous offices of the bygone era? If yes, it is time to change to a new world of novelty, colour and pep that will add energetic vibes to your workspace.


Well here is a list of 8 splurge-worthy fit outs for your office:

  • Acoustic Panels

It has become quite evident with the ongoing research that people are more productive when they have the flexibility to decide how, when and where they work. Such offices that are introducing specially designed spaces, promote innovation and teamwork. Offices with interchangeable workspaces and acoustic panels, in order to prevent noise, mark the new trends to ensure flexibility and efficiency.


  • Relaxation and Interaction Rooms

The corporate offices are now moving towards what earlier used to be creative agencies’ ‘fun workspace’ that includes: relaxation areas, recreation rooms, rooftop gardens, open space for lunch and much more.


  • The Milk Desk

If you have never heard about this, then prepare to be amazed. The design of this desk is equipped in a way to match all your Apple gear. It has a white surface with rounded edges, similar to the Apple design. No more cables on your desk, no more drawers to pull, as it has a solution to all. It has a total number of four compartments, which can be used as anything from storage, trash to even an aquarium.


  • Saddle Chair

Haag Capisco, started designing this chair, with an intention of a garden chair look alike. However, the end product over the ages, looks nothing like it. The saddled position on this chair is great for lumbar support creating a better posture and maintaining a good flow of blood to your legs.


  • Meeting Bed

Once you have already led down the road to make your office not look like a corporate wasteland, why not add a bed/couch in one of the lobbies for your casual meetings.


  • Art Tables

Art tables defy the normal rectangle-shaped boring tables, and bring a flair and attitude to your office.


  • Wood Walls

How beautiful would your office look if the entire wall were covered in cordwood? It not only provides a beautiful texture to your office but is great for acoustics as well.


  • Keep it open

Gone is the time when workspaces were preferred with a layout of closed spaces where the worker slogs alone. Instead, now the offices with lower or no walls between the desks of employees, casual interactive spaces and activity based spaces are desired. There are surveys that reveal that almost 75% of the offices are following open layouts. In times where social networking is connecting people sitting geographically apart, we expect such a layout to grow and reduce distances between people just a few metres apart.


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