Changing Styles – 6 Steps Toward An Entirely New Living Area

October 14, 2016

Have you ever sat outside your home and just not wanted to turn the key and go in?

Are you tired of looking at the same old surroundings but not sure what you can do about it short of moving house?

With all the costs involved in relocating well out of reach for most of us, why not try taking your home back to basics and creating a whole new style and ambience.  It is easier and more affordable than you imagine, and can make coming home like entering a peaceful haven in the rat race of life.

Here are a few simple ways which I recently used to give my living areas a much needed makeover.


Clear out the clutter

If you are going to start with a clean slate, you are going to have to be ruthless.  Walk around your room and imagine your home is for sale and you are looking to buy.  Do you have knick knacks and ornaments that detract from appreciating the features of your home?  If so, take them away just for now and then once you have completed your makeover, reintroduce them one at a time so they don’t overpower your room.  leather-reclined-chair

For my makeover I only retained one item of quality furniture that I just couldn’t live without, my leather recliner chair (, so I built my new room around that one piece and used it as a starting block.

Shot 1A is the master. Shot 1B is an exposure comp if required for the shadows. Shot 2A is an option. Shot 2B is an exposure comp if required for the shadows. Shot 3A is an option. Shot 3B is an exposure comp if required for the shadows. Repro join in flats. fill gap where flat meets pilar. general clean remove light fitting in shot top left.

Start from the ground up

If your carpets are mismatched, threadbare or of poor quality, then they will have to go.

Old carpets can not only make a room feel dreary, but can hold smells they you may not even be aware of.  Pulling them up can be quite a cathartic experience, and if you are very lucky, you may even find a little gem underneath like beautiful wooden floorboards.  However, if all you find is chipboard or concrete, don’t despair as there are magnificent floating floor boards available which will enhance any living space, bringing a shine and sparkle to a once dull room.

If you are renting and are not in a position to remove old carpeting then the best thing you can do is to invest in plush rugs to give a modern chic feel.  Stick to light or vibrant colours if you are wanting to lift the tone of a room.


Make your walls pop

Paint can make a dramatic difference to any space and the options are endless.  Try vertical stripes or panelled wallpaper or a combination of both to give style and class to an entrance way or living room.  Create galleries with photos and artwork to add captivating and eye catching features.



Don’t underestimate the power of delightful aromas in your home. We would all love to have fresh cut flowers in pretty vases welcoming us every day but if this isn’t possible, invest in some quality scented candles.  The effects of the aroma from oils such as jasmine, rose and musk are subtle yet can transform your whole mood and bring feelings of peace and contentment.

Image source

Image source


Lamps, pendants and downlights can all alter the ambience and feel of your living areas. Use them to focus attention on areas you particularly wish to draw the eye to, like a photo gallery along a hallway, or upstairs to create interest and drama to your walls.  By utilising the vast array of lighting options currently on the market you can create eclectic, personalised rooms which are divinely and uniquely your own.

Image source

Image source

Remember that every room in every house is basically the same – a floor, 4 walls and a ceiling.  It is what you do with those basic ingredients – the magical, myriad of options that are available and only limited by your imagination – that can transform both your home and your life.


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