Why Contemporary Furniture Is So “In” Right Now

October 12, 2016

As millennials come of age there is one thing that stands out amongst all others and that is the fact that they are intent on breaking away from the status quo. They, more than any generation before them, want to break away from tradition as they are intent on doing things a new way, in their eyes a ‘better’ way and that exemplifies contemporary furniture to the core. On the verge of being the largest group of consumers ever, bigger by far even than the boomers, fashions currently in style would obviously reflect their thinking and way of life. This is why contemporary furniture suits this generation and also why it is so “in” right now.

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But What Exactly Is Contemporary Furniture?

This is where most people seem to have trouble distinguishing contemporary because there is some amount of confusion between the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary.’ Whilst they would, on the surface, seem to be the same thing, they are actually worlds apart. Or, perhaps it would be better said, generations apart. Modern is a particular style from a particular period in time whereas contemporary is a fluid style that encompasses literally anything that is in vogue at this particular moment in time. This suits the culture of millennials perfectly because this is a fluid generation always in motion and always seeking higher ground.


Modern vs. Contemporary Furniture

To get a better idea of the very real differences between modern and contemporary furniture you need only visit a site like Here you will see a perfect example of high-quality furniture that is trending today, in the moment. Lovely lines and natural materials such as leather, wood and stonework together in sleek lines, be they rounded or straight. Modern furniture is a bit more stark and from a period of time beginning somewhere in the third decade of the twentieth century on to approximately the 1950s or 60s. As with contemporary furniture, the lines were sleek but everything was much bolder and less subtle.

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Contemporary Furniture Gives Way to Expression of Style

In the modern movement, there was no room for personality. It is what it is and that’s what you’ll find. Contemporary furniture, on the other hand, blends well with current fashions and an individualistic expression of the person living in the home or working in the office. Modern is defined by design elements whereas contemporary furniture has common elements but is open to a translation by the designer based on the culture of the moment.

This is why contemporary furniture ‘fits’ millennials perfectly. This is a generation that is seeking more in almost every aspect of their lives, but not more in a materialistic sense but rather in an ethical sense. Millennials want to conserve energy and are openly opposed to waste. Nothing is wasted in contemporary design because it is open and minimalistic, a perfect expression of the 21st Century mindset. In the end, contemporary furniture was born in the modern movement but remained fluid through time, reflecting cultures and fashions. Contemporary furniture is so ‘in’ because it is an exact expression of what is ‘in’ and continues to grow along with fashion. For this reason, it will always be in because it is the one style that evolves with the culture.



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Drew Millet
October 12, 2016 at 3:49 pm

I’m intrigued with the floating stairs in the 4th photo! How are they supported?


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