5 Creative Ways to Store Your Books

October 5, 2016

Anyone who loves to read likely has a lot of books in their home. While there is so much room on a traditional bookshelf, if you want to find fun and unique ways to display your books, there are a few cool ideas that you can consider.

#1 A Bespoke Bookcase

If you have a wall with some empty space, you should consider having bespoke bookcases installed. These bookcases are one of the most attractive ways to display your books. The best part about these bookcases is you can do much more than just store books. You can use some of the shelves to display decoration and knick-knack. You can install cabinets at the bottom of the shelves, giving you a great deal of storage space that most homeowners could really use. A bespoke bookcase can completely transform the appearance of your room while giving you the storage space that you need for your books.

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#2 Stack Up Crates

Wooden crates are a great way to store and display your books. You can either stack them up unfinished, giving your room a rustic, country look. If you want a more elegant look, you can stain them or paint them white. The best part about creating this type of shelving is that it can easily grow with your book collection. If you run out of room in the crates that you have, you can stack a few more crates. As long as the crates fit in your room, your storage area can always grow.


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#3 Bookshelf Headboard Combinations

If you don’t have a great deal of space to display your books, you should consider buying a headboard that has a built-in bookshelf. It won’t take up much space because it is on the wall behind your bed. Also, when you are ready to read a book in bed, you won’t need to go far. There are many styles of headboard bookshelves, therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that will fit your own individual style. If you don’t want to switch out your headboard, you can always buy a small bookcase and use the top shelf as a nightstand and the rest of the shelves for books.

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#4 Cookbook Storage

If you love to cook and you need a place to keep all of your cookbooks, you should consider using some of the shelves underneath your kitchen island. You can remove the cabinet doors so that you can easily display your cookbooks. It is a great way to keep all of the books that you will need in the kitchen right at hand as long as you have additional storage space to store your pots and pans.


#5 Top of the Wall Shelving

Most people don’t use the space that is close to the ceiling for anything. It is all wasted space. This makes it the perfect spot to install shelving. The best part is that it won’t cost too much money. All you will need are a few pieces of wood for the shelving and bracket to hang them up. It is a very inexpensive and convenient way to display your books. If you are planning to put the shelves very high up on the wall, you should keep a step stool or ladder nearby.

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If you have books to display, there are several ways that you can do so on any budget. If you have it in your budget, you can have shelving built into your walls. If not, you can use everyday inexpensive items to create the library of your dreams.

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